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Readers Respond: Sewing Machine Reviews by Quilters

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Do you have a favorite sewing machine? What makes it your favorite? Is it lots of bells and whistles, like fancy stitches and embroidery, or do you love your sewing machine because it sews a perfect straight stitch? Take a few minutes to add a quick sewing machine review to our growing number of opinions.

If you have more than one machine, tell us about the second (or third). Your sewing machine reviews will help other quilters who are looking for that 'best' sewing machine. Review Your Machine

A sew, embroidery & quilt combo machine

The 2nd most helpful is an excellent dealer who deals primarily with your brand of machine. Mine in Prince Frederick, MD is the best. Machine must be user friendly. Combo machine can do so much to enhance your simplest to your most challenging projects and giving you so much pride & joy. I can not think of any other object that can create so much for your entire life. I never expected to be a sewer, it came from my husband being drafted when I was 2 mos pregnant and my girlfriend taught me how to make my maternity clothes. I have had a Necchi, a Janome 8000 then the 9000 and now I have just purchased the 11,000 to be able to have more quilting features. Janome computerized machines have automatic tension and mostly metal parts. I also have a Pfaff serger coverlock 4862 that I love, its best features are the differential feed control, the pressure dial has 6 settings for fabric thickness -- it makes a gorgeous satin stitch & rolled hem for tablecloths, tablerunners, & napkins.

Love My Bernina Machines

I bought a Bernina 135 Patchwork Edition several years ago. Love it. Couple weeks later I came home from work my husband said "I heard something fall in your sewing room.". Well I went up there and here he surprised me with a Artista 200. I love both of my Bernina's and my husband. He was so sweet about it. I love to create and a day of sewing is a good day of living. I have RSD and this is how I help to deal with everyday pain. It keeps my mind off of it. Thank you Bernina for being such a good manufacturer of a sewing machine. You are great. Thank You
—Guest Bettyann Goss

My Husqvarna Diamond

I love my Husqvarna Diamond and wouldn't trade it for anything. Hardly a day goes by that I don't sit down to sew. It's reassuring to know the machine will work when I want it to work. An auto sensor system changes all the settings for you, and I couldn't live with out the auto pressure foot drop, and scissors features.
—Guest Linda

Like and love my machines

I had a Bernina 930 and after 30 years a part broke and it cannot be fixed. I asked for a comparable machine and ended up with a $5,000 Bernina 1640 which is overpriced. I bought a Brother embroidery machine online and I like it very much, also a Brother serger (had a Benette which I gave away). I then bought a Brother from a man at the nursing home for $50. I love it. I like the ease of use of the Brothers.
—Guest Carolyn Frahm

Necchi Sewing machine

I purchased my Necchi 10-11-57. Serial # M51801> works very well. I have all the attachments too. Best purchase I ever made!
—Guest Theresa Mahaffey

Bernina Fan

Bernina, up to the challenge, never misses a stitch, takes on all thicknesses of fabric even threads a needle!
—Guest K. Sheldon

Brother Quattro

I LOVE my Brother Quattro. This is the third Brother embroidery machine I have owned. I have a sister that has a Janome Embroidery machine & a friend with a Bernina Embroidery machine and they both as well as myself like my Quattro better. However I have just started quilting and even though it has done a great job, I would like some recommendations for a machine for quilting that is light weight to take to classes, as the Quattro is too large to carry all over the place.

Janome for Me!

My first machine out of high school was a Kenmore. I had that for 12 years when I got a fancy Singer. That was a disappointment - many repairs and constant adjustments. That was replaced by a not-so-fancy Singer - again not well-made and many adjustments. I bought a Janome Sewist 500 in 2010 and have loved it - was told that Janome made that original Kenmore I loved so much! A real work-horse: beautiful stitches, can handle heavy bulky fabrics, does everything. But I'm ready for a bigger machine for quilting so thinking about the Janome MC6500 and the 6600. Anyone want to weigh in on which of the two is better? I'm not needing lots of stitches, but just good quilting with large space right of the arm.

Pfaff 1222E

I've had this machine for 37 years. It has been moved all over the world and even used in a salt-water environment and has sewn everything. I do not believe a finer machine has ever been made.
—Guest Sharon

1956 Singer 301

What a workhorse this machine is. Big sister to the much loved Singer 221 Featherweight. I love the 301'a all metal gears (no belt), slant needle, straight stitch, feed dogs that drop and fast speed. It is the only machine I use for piecing and putting on binding for myself and customers. The other vintage machines are on display -- all 75 of them!! Main business for 16 years is quilting for others on my longarm. I love my job and hobby!! Keep Calm and Sew On!! Allison
—Guest Allison B. in North Texas

Janome 8077

I love my Janome 8077. It has a nice big throat and does everything I want it to do. My oldest sewing machine is an older Royal and also has the big throat that you need for quilting.
—Guest Rose Mary

1957 Singer 301

I am sewing on a 1957 Singer model 301 I bought new. I have other machines...30 or so, but this is my favorite. Most all my sewing is just straight stitches. and the machine is a real work horse. It will walk over seams with out missing a beat, and I can easily take it apart to clean it.

Janome, etc.

Many years ago I had a Bernina 830 which I passed on to my daughter. It still sews like a dream. I now use a Janome Memory Craft 6500 which I absolutely love. I also have a Janome Jem Gold - very inexpensive and will sew through anything. I use it for jeans and it is so portable I take it camping and to classes. My embroidery machine is also a Janome as is my cover stich machine. I love them both. My serger is a Bernina. My first serger was a Bernina as well and my other daughter has it. I bought a White serger and it was a weakling which I sold. I've sewn just about anything you can imagine over the years and just started quilting a couple of years ago - a new addiction with a whole new 'stash'!
—Guest dewsew

Designer I

My Husqvarna Viking Designer I sews everything like a dream. 900 hours, it tells me I've spent with it. I told my husband to bury me with it!
—Guest Eveline

Brother HE240

I really love my Brother HE240, but just bought a singer curvy 8770, and am really liking it. Bought the singer for quilting. I also have the Brother pr1000 embroidery machine, and for embroidery, it is the best I have had. I have owned two others in the past.
—Guest Cindy

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Sewing Machine Reviews by Quilters

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