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Readers Respond: Sewing Machine Reviews by Quilters

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Do you have a favorite sewing machine? What makes it your favorite? Is it lots of bells and whistles, like fancy stitches and embroidery, or do you love your sewing machine because it sews a perfect straight stitch? Take a few minutes to add a quick sewing machine review to our growing number of opinions.

If you have more than one machine, tell us about the second (or third). Your sewing machine reviews will help other quilters who are looking for that 'best' sewing machine.

Janome, etc.

Many years ago I had a Bernina 830 which I passed on to my daughter. It still sews like a dream. I now use a Janome Memory Craft 6500 which I absolutely love. I also have a Janome Jem Gold - very inexpensive and will sew through anything. I use it for jeans and it is so portable I take it camping and to classes. My embroidery machine is also a Janome as is my cover stich machine. I love them both. My serger is a Bernina. My first serger was a Bernina as well and my other daughter has it. I bought a White serger and it was a weakling which I sold. I've sewn just about anything you can imagine over the years and just started quilting a couple of years ago - a new addiction with a whole new 'stash'!
—Guest dewsew

Designer I

My Husqvarna Viking Designer I sews everything like a dream. 900 hours, it tells me I've spent with it. I told my husband to bury me with it!
—Guest Eveline

Brother HE240

I really love my Brother HE240, but just bought a singer curvy 8770, and am really liking it. Bought the singer for quilting. I also have the Brother pr1000 embroidery machine, and for embroidery, it is the best I have had. I have owned two others in the past.
—Guest Cindy

Several Favorite Sewing Machines

I have a Husquavarna Daisy, White Quilt and Go, and a Brother 9050. All work well.
—Guest Guest Laurel

Best Feature: Husqvarna and Babylock

The automatic pressure foot lift (HQ) or the advanced pivot feature by Babylock. The free hand knee lift is not for me.
—Guest Jessie

The machine makes the DIFFERENCE

I own a Brother Quattro, a Viking Sapphire, a Singer 500 Series commercial machine as well as an Elna 745 serger and I love them all. Each is used depending on project and size. Most of my clothing and home dec consturction is done on the serger. Quilt piecing, zippers and hems are done on the Sapphire or Quattro. The Quattro has proven to be best embroidery machine that I have owned (it's my third). It has handled any design that I've thrown at it regardless of density. Anything really heavy is done on the Singer which does sew very well over thick seams (that thing would sew a cow to a wooden post if you could figure out a way to get them under the pressure foot). On that note I would like to say that when you buy a machine be sure that you're going to have the support required to not only service it correctly but also offers FREE insturctions on how to use it. Having once had a dealer that was less than helpful I am very particular about where I spend my money.

Bernina Machine family

my first Bernina was in 1974; made my clothes and that of my 3 girls and even some for my husband. I also made many proms dresses and costumes, draperies... it was a workhorse. In 1997, I bought the bBernina 1630, which made wedding dresses, bridesmaids, etc., and also started my newest love at the time, quilting. About 4 years ago, my husband purchased the 440 QE, for my birthday... the stitch regulator, and embroidery features are wonderful... as are the other features of the Bernina. I gave my first machine to one daughter before she has her first Bernina and she passed it on to the second daughter, who now has a Bernina Artista. My third daughter bought her own starter machine which sews beautifully. I would say we are a Bernina family, never having any problems with all those different models.
—Guest Nancy

Love My Janome

I love my Janome Memory Craft 6600 and it is my best. I am piecing and quilting all the time Don't know what I would do without it. I also have a Viking Freesia and also a Singer Featherweight. I don't use my Viking very much and think I will soon sell it as I would like to buy another lightweight Janome such as gem .
—Guest Eileen Menke


I love my Bernina Sewing machine. A must have is the needle threader. Bernina is wonderful.
—Guest GKaha

I love my Bernina

I bought an 830 record nearly fourty years ago and used it up until I bought a 440 five years ago. Both machine run so well. The 830r still runs like a champ but is in semi retirement and is my back up machine. I sew everything from baby clothes to quilts to dolls and toys, home dec, embroidery.... it does it all. I love the stitch regulator as I do all my own quilting, even queen size quilts. I love to sew and create and I love both my Berninas.
—Guest ellen

Favorite Sewing machine

I have a Janome 6500 and love it. If I were to buy another machine it would be a lighter Janome to take to quilt retreats and classes.


I've had an Athena 2000 (35 yrs) -- my first machine. Then I went to a used Viking 1A. I now have a BERNINA 730. The contrast is amazing. The knee feature, self-threader, embroidery, Bernina Stitch Regulator, separate motor for doing bobbins, tells you when you are about to attempt to make a mistake. Great! She goes in for regular service.
—Guest shirley

I Love My Babylock

I haven't been quilting as long as some of you ladies but I've had three sewing machines. One was a Singer which I returned to the store. The other two were Brothers. One which I sold and the other was returned to the store. It was a learning process for me, for sure. I knew what I was looking for in a machine. I found everything that I needed in the Babylock.

My mom's 1950's GERMAN Singer 316G

I am looking for a new machine. I have been using my mother's old Singer and have been sewing with it since I was a wee tot of 8 years old. I am as old as this machine. I do not know what to buy. I have just begun learning to quilt. My sewing past has involved just about everything you could imagine as I had 2 daughters to sew lovely dresses for, household decorating and of course many many dresses and crafts. I am enjoying everyone's comments and advice here!
—Guest Rosemary

Best Sewing Machine Features

My favorite features are the built in IDT, a 1/4" foot, single hole plate, and needle up needle down. I got a new Babylock that has all these features plus it has several LED lights around the needle. This is my newest favorite feature. I can sew in the evenings now!
—Guest Robin's nest

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