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Nativity Scene Wall Hanging

Share Your Story: Show Us Your Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments

By Julita Villegas

Nativity Scene Wall Hanging

Nativity Scene Wall Hanging.

Materials used to make the ornament

100% cotton fabric, embroidery floss.

Techniques I used to make the ornament

I used piecing, embroidery and applique. The blocks are 4-inches square so it is a small wall hanging. This is my first try at quilting and this is before rotary cutter.

Inspiration for the ornament's design

Christmas inspired me to start this Nativity quilt. I started the project the Friday after Thanksgiving and finished it a week later. It is now hanging on our wall and when friends and family visit they look at it like it is the Mona Lisa (hah hah hah); they were worried I would not finish it before Christmas.

Tips and Tricks

  • Because this is my very first quilt, I do no have tips and tricks. This is before I owned a rotary cutter (now I can't do without it). I am now hooked on quilting and I devour every tip and trick I come across. There are multiple projects I am currently working on. The About Quilting web site is the first web site I go to; they send me tips and tricks through email.

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