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Dylan's John Deere Quilt

Share Your Story: Your First Quilt

By glenhavenretreat

Dylan's John Deere Quilt

Dylan's John Deere Quilt

Dylan's John Deere Quilt

close up of tractors

What made you choose the pattern?

This pattern looked like a simple yet fun pattern and wasn't too complicated for me. It was the right choice. I made the quilt for my 2 year old nephew Dylan.

Did you finish the quilt? If not, why?

Yes I finished the quilt and gave it to him last weekend...he said it was "pretty"! I also had a deadline to finish as I had a trip planned to Nebraska to deliver it to him.

What do you love (or hate) about the quilt?

I machine sewed the binding on and don't like the how much the stitching showed on top of quilt. Otherwise, I really liked the quilt.

What would you do differently next time?

I would probably hand sew the binding on. I also put a flannel backing on which made sewing the binding on more difficult but the kids really love having the flannel side of the quilt.

I also have learned to always buy more fabric than what is called for. I wanted to make the binding out of the John Deere fabric but when I went back to the store they were sold out...ended up going with a plain blue which looked ok but would have preferred the tractor print.

What was the most difficult aspect of the project?

Putting the sandwich together, and I was very nervous to start quilting. I didn't have a walking foot for this quilt but now have one and I am anxious to see how helpful this foot will be.

The batting and backing had to be pieced together which was also a challenge for me.

Tips and Tricks

  • Hey, I can do this! I have always wanted to make quilts, tried once before and gave up when cutting it out. Also, taking my time and not feeling bad about having to redo something. I have not done any sewing in years so I also had to learn how to run the machine and to sew a straight line again.
  • I didn't do a bad job and when finished I then made a baby quilt for Dylan's little sister.
  • Also learned that quilts do not have to be perfect, they are a gift from the heart, which makes them perfectly fine.

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