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A Touch of the Orient Geisha

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By gunnywendy

A Touch of the Orient Geisha

A Touch of the Orient Geisha

Inspiration for my postcard's design

An online group I belong to does various themed postcards, and this one happened to be "A Touch of the Orient". Ergo, that's why I chose a geisha. Doesn't she just look so sweet and superior?

Techniques I used to make the postcard

I did all machine applique, with fusible web and cutting out of the pits and pieces to make this darling. So, I gather my scrap basket and go to work tracing the pattern backwards, and then draw on fusible, iron to the back of chosen fabric, cut and iron to fuse to base. Ergo, that's the end all of the process!

Tips and Tricks

  • When it comes time to quilt, you don't always have to use the tried and true formulas for quilting. You just do whatever seems appropriate for each card. This one just told me to use square type quilting.

Materials I used to make my fabric postcard

Timtex for the batting, and various cotton for the card.

How long did it take to make the postcard?

Just a few hours...once I get started, I can't wait to finish them!

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