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Baby Lock Symphony Review

Reader Reviews: Review Your Sewing Machine

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By yaharalady

Date of purchase: 


Machine Brand and Model 

Baby Lock Symphony

Machine Pros 

Many decorative stitches. Quilts beautifully. Raise presser foot with button or knee control. Great needle threader. All threading points are clearly marked. Bobbin easy to replace. Easy cleaning. No oiling. Bobbin and threading alerts. Quiet. Circular sewing attachment. Cutter and pivot buttons.

Machine's Cons 

Can't sew without thread. (I make quilting templates by perforating design onto paper.) Plate behind bobbin screws off instead of sliding off. Difficult to get unscrewed. Many of the stitches are set to sew on left needle position. Stitch length changes by 0.5 rather than 0.1.

Machine Cost 


My Review 

Before I bought this machine I used a Bernina, which sews beautifully but is much noisier. This top scale machine is easy to use and has many lovely features. The only 2 things I would 1.change are adding the ability turn off the thread alert so I can make paper templates for machine quilting. (Sew without thread.)

2. Be able to remove the plate behind the bobbin without a screwdriver. It's a tight area and even the little driver provided is difficult. All in all I would purchase this machine again. I'm very pleased with it and have much more to learn about all it's features. It's easy to use, even for a beginner.

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