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Reader Reviews : Review Your Sewing Machine


Do you love your sewing machine, or is it just so-so? Use this space to submit a sewing machine review, and share the pros and cons of your machine with members of the online quilting community.

Tell us what you like best about your sewing machine, and which features you feel need improvement. Have you had the sewing machine for awhile, or is it brand new? Do you feel its cost was reasonable, considering its capabilities of course? Include details you feel will be of interest to other quilters.

Please do not type in all-caps. Reviews in all-caps will not be published.

Singer Esteem II

I can't get through a project without it breaking down in some way. The thread tangles all the time in the bobbin casing, I've had more needles break than on any other machine I've used, and it won't…More

Singer Esteem II Review

I really enjoy my machine because it gets the job done, has nice decorative patterns and it's my favorite colour :) The bad things are it has has a short cord that is fairly easy to trip on and it ja…More

Singer Esteem II Sewing Machine

Horrible! The bobbin keeps jamming. I have yet to complete a simple straight and reverse stitch without having to deal with jammed thread. I've spent more time detangling the wasted mess of string th…More

High-priced Bernina - -NO Bernina support..

Concerning the expensive 830 machine, I was supposed to receive classes on how to operate the machine. The local dealer will not provide the training because I did not buy it from them.I cannot locat…More

Problems with a Pfaff

Having a horrible time with the spring foot and sensormatic free motion... needles break, thread breaks, and tension problems. I've machine quilted for several years on a Janome and had no problems. …More

Baby Lock Symphony

An excellent sewing machine for anyone to use, even a beginner should not have problems with the Babylock. Easy to operate and to learn how to use. I would not trade the Babtylock for any other sewin…More

Elna Carina Sewing Machine

I never ended up using the little cartridges that it came with to change the stitches, but I only sew straight stitches anyway. I have lost the tool kit it came with, so I pray that I never have to c…More

Unhappy with Pfaff 2040

It skips stitches, the tension is horrible, been in for repairs 14 times in last 4 years. Very expensive machine and had to wait this long to afford another. Hopefully someone will take it as a trade…More

Singer 9960 Quantium Sewing Machine

I would highly recommend to anyone for any kind of sewing. It is just a dream machine.the ease of operation is. Great!…More

Janome Jem Gold 2 Model 661

I would highly recommend this little machine. It would be a great starter machine for someone new to sewing. If you need a walking foot, that can be purchased at an added cost. There are lots of othe…More

Bernina 165 with embroidery module

I would, and do, definitely recommend this machine to anyone. It is a workhorse, it doesn't give you trouble with the tension messing up or parts being shoddy and breaking. When you want to sew... yo…More

Bernina 1130 Sewing Machine Review

As I said before, I really love this machine. I've had it for ages but when it comes time to replace or upgrade it, another Bernina will be what I go for. Though it's been used really hard through th…More

Baby Lock Symphony Review

Before I bought this machine I used a Bernina, which sews beautifully but is much noisier. This top scale machine is easy to use and has many lovely features. The only 2 things I would 1.change are a…More

Babylok Ellure Plus Review

I love my machine, but to learn how to use it and all of its features, haven't had the time yet. But do want to make a queen size quilt before August of 2011. Looking forward to putting out a beautif…More

Juki TL-98Q Review

I love this sewing machine! If you want a workhorse to do fast straight sewing, this is it. I oil it often (probably too much) and I find it just keeps on going and going. I use it for paper piecing …More

Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 Review

I would highly recommend this machine for quilting or sewing. I have made several quilts and quilted items. I have also used it to do free motion quilting and the larger space under the arm comes in …More

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