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Quilting: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Free Quilt Block Patterns
Free quilt block patterns of all types. Find hundreds of quilt block patterns, with new patterns added each week. All patterns include detailed instructions and illustrations.
12" Sixteen Point Star Quilt Block Pattern
Sixteen Point Stars is a unique quilt block that's easy to customize. Try my free pattern and experiment with color and contrast. Page 2.
Double Hearts Quilt Block Pattern - 4 Sizes
Double Hearts, an easy patchwork quilt block pattern assembled with a combination of squares and half square triangle units. Page 3.
Free Pinwheels Quilt Pattern... Carnival...
Try Carnival Pinwheels, a free quilt pattern that explains how to make a colorful pinwheel quilt that's easy to customize.
Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginning Quilters
Easy quilt patterns for beginning quilters, or anyone who'd like to stitch a simple quilting project.
The Dimensions for Standard Mattresses
Comparing mattress sizes helps you decide which bed size is the best for your needs, and is essential when purchasing bedding or making a quilt.
What's a Fat Quarter of Fabric, and How is it...
Quilters use the term 'fat quarter.' We'll explain what the term means, and show you how to cut and use fat quarters of fabric.
Get Crafty and Learn How to Make Your Own Quilt!
Learn how to make a quilt, from start to finish. My step by step quilting tutorials, plus hundreds of quilt patterns, will get you started.
Free Quilt Patterns
Free quilt patterns for quilters of every skill level. Find all types and sizes of free quilt patterns, from miniatures to baby quilts to bed quilt patterns.
Double Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern
Our Double Pinwheel quilt block pattern shows you how to make 12-inch versions of this popular patchwork design.
Sewing a Mitered Quilt Binding is Easy with...
Learn how to bind a quilt with easy mitered corners. Just follow my step-by-step binding instructions and and illustrations.
Thirties Pinwheel in a Square Quilt Block Pattern
Fabrics reminiscent of the 1930s are a perfect match for this free Pinwheel in a Square quilt block pattern.
Interlocking Chains Quilt Blocks
Use my easy quilt block pattern to create a quilt from Interlocking Chains blocks.
Easy Way to Make a Rag Quilt
Use my tutorial to learn how to make easy rag quilts. Once you learn rag quilt basics, it's simple to turn other quilt patterns into ragged versions.
Roman Stripes, an Easy Quilt Block Pattern
Try my Roman Stripes quilt block pattern, an easy quilt block that will work in many types of layouts. Instructions for two finished block sizes.
Tudor Rose Quilt Block Pattern
Stitch the Tudor Rose, an easy quilt block pattern that can be used to create numerous looks in a finished quilt.
Country Roads Quilt Block Pattern
Try my Country Roads quilt block pattern if you're looking for a versatile, but easy, quilt block for your next project.
Making a Baby Quilt? Check Out These Cute...
Baby quilt patterns of all types and sizes. Most of my baby quilt patterns are easy to sew, and suitable for quilters of all skill levels.
10 Things Every Quilter Should Know
Ten important skills every quilter should know... a must-read for beginning quilters.
Make Yourself a Four-Patch Rag Quilt with This...
Try my easy rag quilt pattern the next time you're looking for a quick quilting project. The rag quilt is made with simple four patch quilt blocks.
New to Quilting? Try Some of These Free and...
My easy quilt patterns are a good choice for a beginning quilters, or anyone who's looking for a quick and easy quilting project.
Create a Custom Pillowcase in 8 Easy Steps with...
An easy pillowcase pattern, with French seams that keep raw edges under wraps. Instructions and illustrations make this pillowcase pattern a cinch.
Quilting 101: How to Make Half-Square Triangle...
Use my easy method to make quick pieced half square triangle units, one of the most commonly used components in patchwork quilts.
Easy Red Light Green Light Quilt Pattern
If you're looking for easy quilt patterns, follow my instructions to make the Red Light Green Light quilt, a quilting project that's beginner friendly.
Easy Log Cabin Quilt Pattern... No Templates...
Use my free log cabin quilt pattern to make log cabin blocks without templates. This easy log cabin quilt is a breeze to sew.
How to Make Binding for Quilts
It's easy to make binding for quilts, and there are several popular quilt binding techniques to choose from. We'll show you two favorites.
How to Make Quilt Backing from Any Fabric
Learn how to make quilt backing from regular quilting cottons or wide backing fabrics, your choice.
Simple Guide to Creating a Lush Puff Quilt
Use this easy quilt pattern to learn how to make puff quilts, sometimes called biscuit quilts.
Clownin' Around Quilt Pattern
Here's a free quilt pattern made from the traditional patchwork Clown block. Sew the quilt as shown, or change its layout by flipping some of the quilt blocks around. Page 2.
Bring Color into Your Home with a Disappearing...
An easy disappearing nine patch quilt block pattern that's perfect for quilters of all skill levels, including beginners.
How to Adjust Your Sewing Machine's Tension
Advice to help you adjust and troubleshoot problems with sewing machine tension. Learn how to evaluate and correct sewing machine tension problems.
T Shirt Quilts
T-Shirt quilts to inspire you, all sewn by members of the online quilting community. Includes a link to my T-shirt quilt instructions.
Make Yourself a Colorful Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt...
Use this easy quilt pattern to make a scrappy Jigsaw Puzzle quilt. It's baby-quilt sized, but you can easily increase the quilt's dimensions.
2 Baby Quilt Patterns for Beginners
Easy baby quilt patterns are a good choice for beginning quilters. The quilts are simple to sew, even if it's your very first quilting project.
How to Make a Scrap Quilt
Learn how to make a scrap quilt with my scrap quilting tips and techniques. Grab your fabric scraps (or cut pieces from larger yardage) and start sewing.
Learn to Paper Piece a Quilt
Paper piecing is a simple and traditional quilt making technique. After you've made one paper pieced quilt, sewing more will be a breeze.
12" Quilt Block Patterns
All of the free quilt block patterns in this collection finish at 12-inches square, a popular size for nearly any quilting project.
How to Measure and Sew Butted Borders to a Quilt
Measuring for borders and sewing borders to a quilt is an easy process, but follow a few guidelines to make sure the borders fit right and do the job they're meant to do.
Learn How to Calculate Yardage to Make a Quilt
Use my tutorial to learn how to calculate yardage for a quilt. Once you've practiced a few yardage calculations, they'll all be a cinch.
How to Sew a Quarter Inch Seam for Quilts
Sewing an accurate quarter inch seam is an important skill every quilter must master. We'll explain why, and show you how to sew a perfect quarter inch seam allowance.
5 Ways to Store Quilts
Let's talk about five ways to store quilts to help keep them as fresh as the day they were made.
It's Easy to Make this Rail Fence Baby Quilt
Use my Rail Fence baby quilt pattern to sew a an easy patchwork quilt that's perfect for beginning quilters.
How to Do a Fabric Burn Test to Identify Fibers...
Learn how to do a fabric burn test to help determine if a fabric is made from cotton or other fibers, such as wool, silk or polyester.
Monkey Wrench Baby Quilt Pattern
Try this larger version of the miniature Monkey Wrench quilt the next time you're looking for a new baby quilt pattern.
Get Familiar with Fabric Grain
Understanding fabric grain helps you make a quilt that's accurate and easy to assemble. Put fabric grain to work for you and your quilting skills will blossom.
Best Tools for Beginning Quilters
Which quilting tools do beginning quilters really need? Our list of the best beginners' quilting tools will help you make quilts with ease.
Flying Geese Quilt Pattern... the No Waste Method
Flying Geese quilt patterns that are made using a quick piecing method that doesn't waste fabric, unlike some other types of Flying Geese patterns.
Easy Dresden Plate Quilt Pattern
An easy Dresden Plate quilt pattern. You'll love this simple method to make perfect Dresden Plates, every time.
How to Use a Color Wheel
A color wheel is a tool that can be used to choose colors. Our color wheel advice helps you devise a color plan for a quilt, a room or another project.
Thread Tips for Quilters
Use my quick thread guide to begin learning more about the numerous types of threads available to quilters.
Rotary Cutting for Quilters
Rotary cutting is one of the most important skills a new quilter should master. My rotary cutting tutorial will help.
Best Sewing Machines for Quilters
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Easy X's and O's Quilt Pattern
An X's and O's quilt pattern that shows you how to make this popular quilt, plus options to help you customize your X's and O's quilt layout.
Quilting Quizzes: Name the Quilt Block
Take our quilt block quiz to find out how many designs you recognize.
Baby Quilts Photo Gallery
A photo gallery packed with pictures of baby quilts and quilts made for toddlers. You'll love the inspiring ideas found in our baby quilts gallery.
Color Value and Contrast in Quilts
Color value determines whether your fabrics contrast with each other, or blend together. Get the facts about color value before choose fabrics.
Jigsaw Puzzle Baby Quilt Pattern
This jigsaw puzzle baby quilt pattern is an easy quilt that goes together quickly. Page 29.
Cathedral Window Quilt Pattern
Try my Cathedral Window quilt pattern to make your next rag quilt. The pattern is suitable for all quilters, beginners to experienced.
How to Make a Charm Quilt from Scraps of Fabric
Tips and techniques you can use to make a Charm quilt, a type of quilt where each fabric is used only one time.
X's and O's Baby Quilt Pattern
An X's and O's baby quilt pattern in two sizes. This easy baby quilt's sashing helps make the X and O shapes pop out in the design.
Easy Hopscotch Baby Quilt Pattern
Our easy Hopscotch baby quilt pattern is perfect for beginning quilters or anyone looking for a quick quilting project.
Easy Quilt Hanging Sleeve
Quilts can be safely hung for display when you sew a hanging sleeve to their backs. Use our instructions to attach an easy hanging sleeve, before or after the quilt is bound.
How to Make a Cute and Creative Quilt with Old...
You don't have to be a quilter to learn how to make a T shirt quilt. Just follow my easy T shirt quilt instructions to sew a quilt that's packed with memories.
How to Make Denim Quilts
You don't need a special quilt pattern to make a denim quilt, often called a blue jeans quilt, but our denim quilts advice will help you finish with ease.
Should You Prewash Your Quilting Fabrics?
Should you pre-wash your quilting fabrics? The answer depends on the fabrics and the final design of the quilt. We'll help you decide.
Learn how easy it is to make a Disappearing...
My Disappearing Nine Patch quilt pattern explains how to make these popular quilts, and illustrates some some of the many choices for quilt blocks.
Free Rag Quilt Patterns Help You Learn this...
Rag quilts patterns are fun and easy to make -- a perfect choice for beginning quilters. Learn how easy it is to assemble one of my free rag quilt patterns.
5 Common Quilting Errors You Don't Have to Make
Nearly all beginning quilters experience a few common problems with first quilts. Frustrating... yes, but try not to stress. We'll help you get it right.
Love contemporary quilts? Sew an easy baby...
My contemporary baby quilt pattern is an easy quilt that offers lots of opportunities for creating your own unique design.
Learn How to Make a String Quilt
Learn string quilting techniques, a simple freehand version of foundation piecing. We'll show you how to make an easy string quilt.
Use my easy tips to cut patchwork shapes for...
Learn how to rotary cut patchwork shapes like squares and rectangles, diamonds, all sorts of triangles and more.
Free Quilting Pattern: A Floating Nine Patch...
Floating Nine Patch is an easy baby quilt pattern that's designed with patchwork setting triangles. Give this easy quilt a try.
How to Analyze Patchwork Quilt Blocks
Learn how to analyze the grids that makes up four patch and other patchwork quilt blocks, and discover why understanding the grids is so important.
Easy Roman Square Quilt and Quilt Block Pattern
My Roman Square quilt block and quilt pattern is a perfect choice for beginning quilters. Discover just how easy it is to make a quilt.
How to Choose the Best Rotary Cutter
Use our advice to find the best rotary cutter for your needs.
Sewing Supplies Allowed in Carry-On Luggage
Are sewing supplies allowed in airline carry-on luggage? Learn which scissors, needles and other sewing tools are allowed on commercial flights.
Learn How to Cut Setting Triangles for Quilts
Learn how to cut the setting triangles and corner triangles that are used to fill in the gaps at the edges of quilt blocks in an on-point quilt layout.
Baby Quilt Patterns: Dawn's Light
A free baby quilt pattern for Dawn's Light, a mixture of pinwheel and framed four-patch quilt blocks.
Paper Piecing a Log Cabin Quilt Block
It's easy to learn paper piecing by making a paper pieced log cabin quilt block. Try my paper piecing instructions to learn this simple technique.
Mattress Sizes Chart
A mattress size chart to help you when making a quilt or purchasing bedding of all types.
Easy Arbor Windows Quilt Pattern
Arbor Windows is an easy quilt pattern that's assembled with patchwork quilt blocks of the same name.
Easy Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern
This easy Bow Tie quilt block pattern goes together quickly and easily, and without set in seams. Three block sizes are included.
Pink, Yellow or Red: Our Guide to Awareness...
An awareness ribbons guide to help you choose a color scheme for a quilt or any other project made to promote disease awareness.
Use These Simple Tips to Choose Colors and...
Use my simple tips to help choose fabrics for quilts, a task that's confusing to many beginning quilters. Don't stress... fabric selection can be easy.
Bright Hopes Quilt Block Pattern
Bright Hoopes is a quilt block pattern that's sewn with a technique called 'partial seams.' Give this easy method a try.
Evening Star Quilt Block Pattern with Nine...
Evening star is a favorite quilt block pattern, and this lovely version of the star has a nine-patch block at its center.
Make Berry Basket Quilt Blocks
Use my free quilt block pattern to stitch a Berry Basket quilt block, a pretty patchwork design that finishes at 12-inches square.
How to Make Perfectly Sized Quilt Blocks
Use these easy methods to fix quilt blocks that may have turned out a bit too small, or are skewed. There's usually no reason to throw less-than-perfect blocks aside.
How to Press Quilt Blocks to Improve Your...
Your quilting skills will improve immediately when you learn how to press quilt blocks and quilts. And remember... press, don't iron!
Easy On Point Baby Quilt Pattern
Stitch this easy baby quilt pattern, a smaller version of the Batik Nine Patch quilt pattern by Janet Wickell.
How to Make a Yo-Yo Quilt
Learn how to make Yo-Yos quilts from little rosettes of fabric. Use yo yos to make an entire quilt, or as 3-dimensional applique.
Learn Stitch in the Ditch Quilting
Use our quilting tutorial to learn stitch in the ditch quilting.
Rotary Cutting Tools
Use our advice to help choose the best rotary cutting mat for your needs. Page 2.
Easy Framed Nine Patch Quilt Pattern
In this easy quilt pattern, frames surround a simple nine patch quilt, but the frames are flip-flopped to create visual movement across the face of the quilt.
Create a bouquet of easy patchwork tulip quilt...
My patchwork tulip quilt block pattern shows how to sew a batch of colorful tulip blocks in no time. An easy quilt pattern suitable for all quilters.
Easy Quilt Block Patterns: Endless Stairs
Endless Stairs is an easy quilt block pattern that offers lots of opportunity for layout variations.
How to Make a Quilt Sandwich
Learn how to prepare a quilt sandwich for basting, whether it will be quilted by hand or machine.
Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern
Use easy, quick pieced quarter-square triangle units to assemble the traditional Ohio Star quilt block pattern.
Easy Friendship Star Quilt Block Pattern
Use our quilt block pattern to make this colorful Friendship Star. Patchwork doesn't get much easier than this simple pattern.
Use a Colorful Fabric to Inspire Easy Pinwheel...
Learn how to make easy pinwheel quilt blocks from quick pieced half square triangle units. Page 2.
Easy Pinwheel Quilt Block and Quilt Pattern
A unique Pinwheel quilt and quilt block pattern sewn with simple quick pieced patchwork. Includes cutting for two block sizes and an entire quilt.
Free Miniature Quilt Patterns
Try one of my free miniature quilt patterns when you want to sew a small project. Find all sorts of miniature quilt varieties in this collection.
Learn how to make marbled fabrics for quilts...
Use my step by step instructions to learn how to create hand marbled fabric. It's easy to make unique hand fabrics for quilts and other projects.
Sailboats Baby Quilt Pattern
Try out easy sailboats baby quilt pattern the next time you need a quilting project for a little one.
Free Printable Quilt Patterns
You'll find hundreds of free printable quilt patterns on the About.com Quilting site. Use these tips to print or save the patterns.
Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Folded Fabric Stars
Use your imagination to assemble our easy homemade Christmas ornaments. These folded fabric star ornament are perfect for any holiday or event.
6" Quilt Block Patterns
All of the quilt block patterns in this index finish at 6-inches square, a perfect size for wallhangings, baby quilts or any other quilting project you'd like to make.
An Introduction to Machine Quilting Methods
Let's take a look at some of the machine quilting options you can choose from when you decide it's time to learn how to machine quilt.
Katie's Graduation Quilt
Sherri's t-shirt quilt is made with more than t-shirts -- you'll see pictures her daughter drew as a youngster, charms, photos and more. Page 10.
Watercolor Quilt Pattern with Cats and...
Have fun stitching this easy cat quilt pattern, with kitty cats looking at a flower garden and butterflies just outside the watercolor-style windows.
Easy Floral Appliqué Quilt Pattern
Learn how easy it is to make an applique quilt with fusible fusible web. If you prefer, use traditional hand appliqué or another favorite method.
Christmas Table Runner Pattern
Our Christmas table runner pattern will offers a festive look for your holiday decor. Sew a table runner for Christmas or change the theme.
12" Jacob's Ladder Quilt Block Pattern
My quilt block pattern shows you how to make Jacob's Ladder quilt blocks, a popular patchwork design.
Jewel Box Quilt Pattern
Quilting. Page 80.
A Joyous Celebration Star Quilt Pattern
This blocks in this small star quilt appear to be placed on point, but the setting is really a simple horizontal arrangement.
Quick Pieced Quarter Square Triangle Units
Quarter square triangle units are popular quilt block components, and quick piecing them is a breeze. We'll show you how. Page 2.
Make a Bricks and Cobblestones Quilt
Bricks and Cobblestones is an easy quilt pattern that's perfect for beginners or experienced quilters.
Indian Hatchet Rag Quilt Pattern
Try my Indian Hatchet rag quilt pattern if you'd like to try an easy rag quilt that's assembled with triangles.
Hand Sewing Needles
A look at hand sewing needles for quilters, with details that will help you choose the best needles for your quilting projects.
Broken Dishes Baby Quilt Pattern
Use my Broken Dishes Quilt pattern to make this popular patchwork quilt. Includes multiple size options for the Broken Dishes quilt block.
Jars Quilt Block Pattern
Here's an easy jar quilt block pattern. The finished block is square, so it's a bit different from many traditional jar quilt designs.
Frugal Quilt Patterns
Quilters are famous for being frugal, and using every bit of fabric in their stashes. My frugal quilt patterns help you put your fabric scraps to good use.
Take Our Quilting Fabric Quiz
Take the Fabric Quiz to test your knowledge of quilting fabrics.
Floating Stars, The Easiest Quilt Pattern Ever
Try my Floating Stars quilt block and quilt pattern. It's one of the quickest and easiest quilts you'll ever make.
Easy Double Four Patch Scrap Quilt Pattern
Looking for an easy quilt pattern with lots of possibilities for a custom layout? Give this Double Four Patch quilt a try.
Bear's Paw Quilt Block Pattern
The traditional Bear's Paw quilt block is always a quilter's favorite. It has lots of pieces, but the Bear's Paw quilt block isn't difficult to make.
How to Choose Thread for Machine Quilting
Not sure which threads work best for machine quilting? Our thread advice can help you choose the best thread for your machine quilted project.
Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Use my Twenty-Five Patch quilt block pattern to make quilt blocks full of scrappy squares, or design a color scheme for a more orderly look.
Catching the View, Cat Quilt
A free cat quilt pattern from Quilting at About.com. Page 6.
Pineapple Quilt Pattern
Pineapple Quilt Yardages Yardage will vary, depending on the number of fabrics you use. For a quilt that's
Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block & Quilt Pattern
Our easy Heart quilt blocks finish at 6" square, and are assembled with a quick piecing technique that
Amethyst Chain Miniature Quilt Pattern
Use my pattern to learn how to make a miniature quilt from an oversize quilt block. Page 8.
Use a Walking Foot to Improve Quilting Skills
Learn how a walking foot improves machine quilting skills, and is also a useful helper for other sewing tasks, such as rag quilting and sewing binding.
Homemade Laundry Detergents for Quilting Fabrics
Try one of my recipes for homemade laundry detergents that won't harm your quilting fabrics and will keep your clothes fresh and clean.
Hopscotch Quilt Pattern
Quilting. Page 53.
Shoofly Quilt Block Pattern
Use our quilt block pattern to make this pretty variation of the Shoofly quilt block. This easy quilt block is a perfect choice for beginning quilters.
Attic Windows Quilt Pattern
Make Attic Ribbons, an attic windows quilt pattern. Some of the windows in this quilt are filled with (optional) applique motifs. Page 27.
Make Machine Quilting Designs with Paper...
Learn how to create your own custom machine quilting designs from simple sheets of paper.
Sew a Batch of Aunt Sukey's Choice Quilt Blocks
Try my Aunt Sukey's Choice quilt block pattern for any quilt, from orderly to scrappy. I've included color variations to help you choose fabrics.
Friendship Star Quilt Block Pattern
Use my free quilt block pattern to stitch a variation of the Friendship Star quilt block, an easy patchwork block with triangles in its corners.
Floral Rag Quilt Pattern
This easy rag quilt pattern gives you an opportunity to use a mixture of floral fabrics, from small to large in scale, along with tone on tone prints.
Taking Flight Baby Quilt Pattern
This pretty baby quilt pattern is assembled by combining Birds in the Air quilt blocks with four patch connector blocks, all placed on point and surrounded by borders.
Learn the Needleturn Applique Method
Instructions to help you learn needleturn applique, a traditional form of hand applique.
Quilt Design Wizard
Quilt Design Wizard's controls are intuitive and the program offers lots of options and flexibility to help you show off your creative skills. Our review explains.
Sarah's Choice Quilt Block Pattern
Sarah's Choice is a quilt block pattern that combines the look of a star and a pinwheel. Choose from four sizes or mix and match the blocks for a unique quilt.
Landscape and Art Quilts
Pictures of landscape quilts and art quilts on display in our Online Quilt Show, all offering inspiration for your next landscape quilting project.
House Quilt Block Pattern
You won't need templates for this easy House quilt block pattern -- its patchwork is rotary cut and quick pieced.
Grape Basket Quilt Block Pattern
Dig into your fabric stash and find a batch of vividly colored quilting cottons to use when you make this Grape Basket quilt block.

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