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Quilting Tool & Equipment Reviews

Reviews of quilting tools, quilting equipment and supplies.

RuleSteady Review
RuleSteady is a quilting tool that stabilizes your rotary ruler and keeps your fingers out of the path of the blade as you cut fabric with a rotary cutter.

Comparing Rotary Cutters
Shop for rotary cutters and you'll find a wide variety of handle types and blade sizes, and the "best" rotary cutter will likely be a bit different for every quilter. Use these tips to find the best rotary cutter for your needs.

Omnigrid Marking Ruler Trio Review
Omnigrid's Marking Ruler Trio is a handy set that helps you mark seams and other areas of the quilt.

Cell Phone Apps for Quilters
We'd love to read your reviews of quilting cell phone apps that you love (or aren't too fond of).See submissions

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