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How to Measure and Sew Butted Borders to a Quilt


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Sew the Side Borders to the Quilt
How to Sew Quilt Borders

Side borders shown matched and sewn to the quilt's horizontal midpoint.

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Sew Side Borders to the Quilt

  1. Fold one of the borders in half crosswise to find its midpoint, using your fingers to crease it slightly at that spot. Find the quilt's horizontal midpoint.

  2. Place the border along the side of the quilt, right sides together and midpoints matched. Pin through both layers at the match to keep them from shifting.

  3. Match and pin the bottom end of the border to the bottom edge of the quilt, then match and pin the other end to the top edge of the quilt.

  4. Continue matching and pinning the border to the entire side of the quilt, pinning at close intervals if you must ease in fullness to coax the two lengths to match. Raw edges should be aligned along the quilt's entire side.

  5. Sew the border to the quilt with a 1/4" seam allowance, removing pins as the needle approaches them. If you had to ease in fullness, sew with the longest piece next to the feed dogs.

  6. Press the seam allowance towards the border.

  7. Use the same method to sew the remaining border to the opposite side of the quilt.

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