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Quilt Making Tutorials Show You How to Make a Quilt


Use my quilt making tutorials to learn how to make a quilt. Making a quilt isn't difficult once you understand the basic techniques. My detailed instructions and easy to follow illustrations explain how to sew an accurate quilt with ease, even if it is a first project. Never hesitate try any of the quilt patterns on About.com Quilting, because my step-by-step instructions and illustrations help make every pattern suitable for all quilters, beginning to experienced.
  1. Learn How to Make a Quilt
  2. Patchwork and Sewing Skills
  3. Working with Color
  4. Learn How to Rotary Cut Fabrics
  5. Quilting Fabrics
  6. Needles and Threads for Quilters
  1. Learn How to Applique
  2. Finishing the Edges of a Quilt
  3. Get Ready to Quilt the Quilt
  4. Learn How to Machine Quilt
  5. Learn How to Make Marbled Quilting Fabric

Learn How to Make a Quilt

Sew a 1/4

Use my quilt making resources to explore important methods that explain how to make a quilt. Quilting how-to articles are must-reads for beginning quilters, and will help you avoid some of those pesky errors that love to cause problems.

Patchwork and Sewing Skills

Singer Featheweight Sewing Machine

Patchwork quilt blocks are a lot easier to stitch together once you understand a few basic assembly methods, and how to categorize the blocks by the gridded arrangement of their patches. Your sewing accuracy will improve immediately when you take a bit of time to get those basics behind you, and you'll love the payoff in time saved when quilt blocks fit together just like they should, every time.

Working with Color

Color and Contrast for Quilters

We all have favorite colors, and our favorites often have a way of making it into our quilts, even if they show up in tiny amounts. The first thing you should remember: there are no rules for combining colors, but there are some color guidelines that will help you sew a stunning quilt, even if it's your very first project. If you're a new quilter, you might be surprised to hear that color value can have even more of an impact on design than actual colors do, so be sure to work through the value tutorial.

Learn How to Rotary Cut Fabrics

How to Rotary Cut Quilting Fabrics

Rotary cutting might be the absolute most important quilting technique introduced during the last century. Rotary cutting allows us to cut fabric very quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. Master a few basic skills and you'll never go back to cutting with scissors.

Quilting Fabrics

Quilting Fabrics

You just brought home a bag full of quilting fabrics, and if it's your first, you're probably wondering what to do next. Sort them, match them, and have some fun looking at the fabrics, but don't make any cuts until you're sure they're ready to sew into a quilt.

Needles and Threads for Quilters

Quilting Threads

Choosing the right needles and threads will help you assemble your quilt more easily, not to mention preserving its integrity for decades to come.

Learn How to Applique

Bouquet of Hearts Quilt Pattern

Applique can be accomplished by hand or by machine. You'll find that each method branches off into numerous applique variations -- there's something for every sewing style. (This section is expanding)

Finishing the Edges of a Quilt

Learn to Create Quilt Borders

Not every quilt needs borders, but when you do add them, remember that borders serve as a frame for your quilt, enhancing its design in the same way that a picture frame improves the appearance of a photograph or painting. Take time to measure and sew borders correctly so that the sides of your quilt are nice and straight, and remember that the quilt isn't complete until its edges are finished. My favorite edging is continuous mitered binding, and it is easy to sew if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Get Ready to Quilt the Quilt

At this point, the binding isn't in place, but it's time to make the quilt sandwich and baste the layers together. 

Learn How to Machine Quilt

Stitch in the Ditch Quilting

There's been a huge upsurge in the popularity of machine quilting in recent years. The technique can be accomplished on nearly any sewing machine, although some machines do have more bells and whistles to help quilters get the job done.

Learn How to Make Marbled Quilting Fabric

Learn How to Make Marbled Fabric

Techniques you can use to create your own one-of-a-kind quilting fabrics with hand marbling techniques.

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