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A Simple Approach to Color Value and the Color Wheel

How Should I Choose Fabrics for a Quilt?


Choose Fabrics for Quilts

Sorting blocks by color value

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Color and the way it flows in and around patchwork and applique might be the look that inspired you to learn how to make a quilt. Now that you've begun, don't get discouraged if you're struggling with color choices, because you are most definitely not alone. For most of us, working with color is an ongoing learning experience.

Colors Made Easy

Do you think that a color wheel is a tool that dictates which colors must be used together in a quilt? If you do, wipe the thought from your mind. A color wheel is simply a reference tool that shows you how colors work together. It can definitely help guide you -- and stimulate your creativity -- but don't allow the wheel to make your color choices.

Color Wheel Basics for Quilters

Color Value for Quilters

Color value is a term that refers to how light or dark a color is when placed next to another color. Color value is every bit as important as color itself, because it helps quilters decide how to arrange patches of fabric to make them either blend or contrast with each other, and it's those arrangements that create a design.

Put Color Value to Work for You

Color value works hand in hand with the color wheel. Becoming familiar with the intertwined characteristics of color and color value will help you position fabrics to create the image that's in your mind. Learn to juggle color and color value and you'll be happy with your quilts every time.

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