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Learn to Make a Quilt

Use my easy tutorials to learn how to make a quilt. Design the quilt, choose your borders, sew the quilt together and get it quilted and bound. Refer to my quiltmaking tutorials and tips any time you aren't quite sure how to complete a portion of your quilting project.
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How to Make T-Shirt Quilts
There are no rules for T-shirt quilt construction, but my advice will help you make decisions about layout and construction.

10 Things Every Quilter Should Know
There are an endless number of quilting skills to learn and techniques to try, but starting with the basics will help you understand them all.

How to Make a Quilt, Start to Finish
Learn how to make a quilt from start to finish. Quilting instructions that take you step by step through the quiltmaking process.

5 Myths About Quilting
Let's talk about five common quilting myths you'll hear during your quiltmaking journey.

Pressing Seam Allowances... To the Side or Open?
A few pros and cons about two quilt pressing methods... pressing seam allowances to the side or open.

Quilting Errors You Don't Have to Make

We all experience some of the same problems when we begin quilting, and although those boo-boos are frustrating, just a few important steps help keep them from occurring.

Quilting Quizzes
Take my quilting quizzes to test your quilt making knowledge.

How to Change the Size of a Quilt Block
Use this easy tutorial the next time you'd like to change the size of a quilt block.

Learn Standard Mattress Sizes Before Making a Quilt
An understanding of mattress sizes is critical when you make a quilt that will be used on a bed.

How to Make a Scrap Quilt
Use these tips and techniques to make a successful scrap quilt.

Mattress Size Chart
A simple guide that provides dimensions and a visual comparison of standard mattress sizes.

Queen Size Mattress Dimensions
Queen size mattress dimensions and advice to help you make a quilt.

How to Calculate yardage for a quilt
Yardage calculations aren't difficult once you understand the process. My tutorial walks you through the task of calculating how much fabric is needed for a quilt.

An Introduction to Machine Quilting
Machine quilting techniques are varied, but one thing is sure -- machine quilting can result in a quilt that's every bit as lovely as a hand quilted project.

Thread Tips for Quilters
We'll help you understand the differences between the numerous types of patchwork and quilting threads available to quilters.

How Can I Choose Fabrics for a Quilt?
Our simple approach to color value and color helps you create a layout for your next project.

Decimal to Fraction Conversion Chart for Quilters
A decimal to fraction conversion chart to help you rotary cut your quilt components.

Are These Quilts Truly 'Ugly?'
Quilts, all labeled as 'ugly' by their makers. Do you agree?

Favorite Quilting Tips
Favorite quilting tips from members of the About.com quilting community.

How to Keep Strips of Quilting Fabric Neat and Tidy
Use these tips to keep those long strips of fabric organized.

Learn How to Cut Fat Quarters of Fabric
We'll show you an illustration of fabric fat quarters, how to cut them, and explain why fat quarters are useful to quilters.

Tell Us About Your Longarm Quilting Business
Use this form to tell members of the About.com Quilting community about your longarm quilting business.See submissions

Share Your Favorite Scrap Quilting Tips
Share your favorite scrap quilting tips with quilters from around the world.

What Does the Term 'Finished Size' Mean?
Learn the differences between a 'finished size' and an 'unfinished size.' Both terms are used in quilt patterns and the difference between them are important.

We'll Show You How to Make Quilts
Learn important quiltmaking techniques and then choose a free quilt pattern for your first project.

Quilting Tips and Techniques
Quilting tips, all submitted by our online quilters.

Full Size Mattress Dimensions
Learn the dimensions of full size mattresses, also called double mattresses.

Mattress Options for Antique Beds
A few mattress options to consider when outfitting a vintage bed.

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