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Star Quilt Block Patterns

Explore the star quilt patterns in this index to find a variety of projects, including patterns for entire quilts along with quilt block patterns.

Kansas Star Quilt Block Pattern
You can make the star emerge from this quilt block or let it recede, depending on your use of color and color value.

Friendship Star Quilt Block Pattern (Variation)
Friendship Star is a simple patchwork quilt block pattern that even beginning quilters will stitch with ease.

Friendship Star Quilt Block Pattern
This basic Friendship Star quilt block has lots of spin. Sew it scrappy or orderly, your choice.

Scrappy Framed Star Quilt Block
Here's a star block (with a pinwheel center) that's framed in small squares, creating lots of opportunity to make a scrap quilt.

Evening Star Block with Nine Patch Centers
Evening Star is an easy quilt block, and the star in this pattern is dressed up a bit with a nine patch block at its center.

Quick and Easy Scrappy Floating Stars Quilt
This star block is quick and easy to sew. Arrange the blocks side by side to find out how the stars emerge.

Christmas Rising Star Quilt Block Pattern
Rising Star is the perfect quilt block for holiday themed quilts, but can be altered to suit other themes, too.

9" Dolly Madison Star Quilt Block Pattern
Dolly Madison Star is related to the Ohio Star design, but with a nine-patch unit at its center.

Framed Friendship Star Quilt Block Pattern
Make Framed Friendship Star quilt blocks with this free pattern, and be sure to look at the last page, where you'll find instructions and yardages for an entire quilt.

9" Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern (Variation)
Make a variation of the traditional Ohio Star quilt block.

Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern
Use our easy instructions to make the traditional Ohio Star quilt block.

12" Sawtooth Star Quilt Block with 16-Patch Center
Sawtooth Star is a popular patchwork quilt block, and this version, with a 16-patch center, provides lots of opportunity for going scrappy.

Twinkling Star Quilt Block Pattern
Twinkling Star is the third quilt block pattern for the Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt.

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