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How to Rotary Cut Diamond Shapes for a Quilt
How to Cut Patchwork Diamond Shapes

Cutting Diamonds

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A diamond is basically a squished square. It has four sides of equal length, but its corners are no longer 90-degree angles. Quilt patterns commonly call for diamonds with 30-degree, 45-degree or 60-degree angles at their narrow points.

All three types of diamonds are cut from strips of fabric that are 1/2" wider than the finished height of the diamond.

How to Cut Diamonds

  1. Cut a strip of fabric that's 1/2" wider than your diamond's finished height.
  2. Align the ruler's 30-degree, 45-degree, or 60-degree line with the left lower edge of the fabric, sliding it far enough onto the strip so that there's fabric under its entire right edge.
  3. Rotary cut along the right edge of the ruler to create the diamond's first angled side.
  4. Find the line on your rotary ruler that matches the cutting height of the diamond--the same line you used to cut the fabric strip. Match the line with the angled left edge of the fabric and align the degree line along the bottom edge of the strip.
  5. Rotary cut along the right side of the ruler to cut away the first diamond. Continue cutting diamond segments as needed for your quilt.
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