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How to Rotary Cut Equilateral Triangles for Quilts
How to Cut Triangles for Quilts

Cutting equilateral triangles from long strips of fabric. Arrows indicate the fabric's straight grain.

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Equilateral triangles are the same length on each side, with 60-degree angles at each of their three corners. They are used in many ways, but a popular layout for equilateral triangles is the 1000 Pyramids quilt.

How to Cut Equilateral Triangles

  1. Using the finished size, measure the distance from the midpoint of triangle's base to the tip of the point above it.
  2. Add 3/4" to the measurement and cut a fabric strip of that width.
  3. Align the 60-degree line of a rotary ruler with the long edge of the fabric strip as shown above.
  4. Cut along the right edge of the ruler to establish the first edge of the triangle. Discard the piece you cut off or throw it in your scrap bag.
  5. Rotate the ruler, aligning its other 60-degree line along the bottom edge of the strip. The edge of the ruler should be positioned to form a "point" at the bottom edge of your first cut.
  6. Cut along the right side of the ruler to create a triangle. Measure it. All three legs should be the same length--7/8" longer than the triangle's finished size.
  7. Continue flip-flopping your ruler to cut more equilateral triangles. Check their dimensions occasionally to make sure the angles and leg lengths are still accurate.
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