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Learn How to Rotary Cut Your Fabric

Developing your rotary cutting skills is one of the best ways I know to improve your quiltmaking accuracy and speed up the quilt construction process. Use these tips and tutorials to learn how to rotary cut your fabric.
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  2. Traditional Template Skills

Rotary Cutting Safety Tips
Rotary cutting is a must-know technique for most quilters, but it's important to follow safety guidelines when you cut.

An Introduction to Rotary Cutting Tools
Rotary cutting is a true time-saver for quilters, and a technique that can improve accuracy. Let's talk about the tools you'll need to begin rotary cutting.

How to Rotary Cut Fabric Strips
Use these techniques to learn how to cut long strips of fabric that are needed in the majority of quilt patterns.

Learn to Cut Patchwork Shapes for Your Quilts
Cutting patchwork shapes isn't difficult at all -- we'll show you how to cut fabric for your quilts.

How to Choose a Rotary Cutter
Shop for rotary cutters and you'll find a wide variety of handle types and blade sizes, and the "best" rotary cutter will likely be a bit different for every quilter. Use these tips to find the best rotary cutter for your needs.

Trim Triangle Tips to Match-up Your Patchwork Edges
Trim excess tips from your triangles to help sew quilting patches together accurately.

Table Riser Tips from the Quilting Community at About.com
Adjusting the height of your cutting table will help keep your back from aching after a rotary cutting session.

How to Set Up a Fabric Cutting Table
Members of our quilting community share lots of tips to help their fellow quilters set up the perfect fabric cutting table.

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