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Learn How to Make a Rag Quilt


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How to Make a Rag Quilt with Cotton Batting

Cotton Batting Option for Your Rag Quilts

Use traditional batting in rag quilts if you like, but follow our slightly different instructions. I recommend you use cotton batting, and make sure it's a batting that doesn't require close quilting stitches.
  1. Cut batting pieces smaller than the top and backing pieces. For example, our 10-inch squares finish at 9-inches since we're using a 1/2" seam allowance on each side of each piece. Cut batting pieces that are about 8-1/2" square and center the batting between your top and backing pieces.

    The extra half-inch we're shaving off the square gives you a little more flexibility when centering the batting -- you don't want it to end up within the seam allowance, where it will eventually fray away and disappear.

  2. Secure each sandwich with straight pins and machine sew a diagonal seam from one corner of the square to the opposite corner, backstitching at each corner of the cotton batting.

The "X" shape isn't mandatory -- it's simply a quick and easy shape to quilt -- other shapes can be used. Avoid placing too many quilting stitches within the seam allowances. Those areas should be as stitch-free as possible to encourage fraying.

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