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Free Rag Quilt Patterns

Free rag quilt patterns, along with patterns for other frayed edge quilts and accessories. Rag quilting is quick and easy, and results in a soft quilt that's perfect to cover up with on a chilly day. Free rag quilt patterns of all types -- some made with squares and rectangles, some made with triangles, and a few with ragged applique.

Basic Instructions for All Rag Quilts
Rag quilts are easy to make, but you do have to shift your typical sewing methods a bit. Once you learn the basic techniques, it's easy to turn favorite quilt patterns into rag quilts.

Easy Four Patch Rag Quilt
You'll combine four patch blocks with setting squares to make this quick and easy rag quilt.

Cathedral Windows Rag Quilt Pattern
Make an easy Cathedral Windows rag quilt, adjusting its size as needed.

Indian Hatchet Rag Quilt Pattern
Indian Hatchet is a rag quilt made with triangles, but don't worry, it's still super simple to assemble.

Rags & Hearts Rag Quilt Pattern
Ragged edge Hearts are sewn at the centers of some blocks in this easy rag quilt pattern. My quilt is mostly pastels -- you can make the patchwork areas 'pop' by using contrasting fabrics.

Easy Floral Rag Quilt Pattern
Here's an easy rag quilt pattern that gives you an opportunity to use a mixture of floral fabrics. If you don't like florals, simply change the fabrics to create a completely different look.

Baby Rag Quilts
Instructions show you how to convert two easy baby quilt patterns into baby rag quilts.

Christmas Tree Rag Quilt Pattern
Sewn with a combination of ragged squares and half square triangle units, this Christmas tree rag quilt is a cinch to make. Use browns and gold to create a fall-colored tree.

Easy Ragged Edge Dog Bandana
Combine string piecing with ragged edges to create a customized bandana for your dog.

Make String Pieced Rag Quilt Blocks
Rags 'n Strings is a nine-patch quilt block made with string pieced units and plain squares. Make a batch of the blocks to create a unique rag quilt.

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