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Quilt Designs

Quilt sets, or settings, is the term used to describe quilt layouts, and the setting you choose can dramatically change a quilt's design. Our layout instructions will help you design a quilt.
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How to Make a Quilt Design Wall
Use my tips to make a portable or permanent design wall that helps you preview patchwork and quilt blocks before they're sewn together.

How to Cut Corner and Setting Triangles
Quilts with blocks set on point have triangular opening around their outer edges where each diagonal row of blocks ends. Learn how to make setting triangles to fill in the gaps of your on point quilt.

Jinny Beyer's Quilt Design Board
Look near the bottom of the page for a link to Jinny Beyer's interactive design board. Change the blocks and fabric, figure yardage requirements. It's a fun design tool that lets you see how altering colors and values affects a quilt.

Quilt Design and Layout Options
View photos and descriptions of several quilt layout options, and find links to patterns for each type.

Quilt Design Tips and Techniques
Use my quilt design tips and techniques to create quilts of your very own.

Compare Standard Mattress Sizes
Get the facts about mattress sizes before you make a quilt.

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