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How to Make Quilt Sashing with Cornerstones


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Sew Sashing and Cornstones to a Straight-Set Quilt
How to Sew Quilt Sashing

Example of a quilt with simple sashing and cornerstones.

Janet Wickell
Sewing sashing between your quilt blocks is one way to add another design element to the quilt's layout.
  • Sashing frames the blocks
  • Sashing is often the perfect choice for a sampler quilt, because it offers a bit of separation for blocks with patchwork that would not mesh nicely if sewn side-by-side
  • Sashing can be used to easily increase the quilt's dimensions
  • Sashing can help you square-up blocks that are slightly different sizes
  • Sashing is a perfect spot to feature special quilting motifs that surround and enhance the quilt blocks

It's easy to sew sashing to a quilt, especially straight-set layouts like the example shown on this page, since they don't require triangles or strips with angled edges as on-point settings do.

Quilt sashing can be continuous, with no cornerstones (the little squares you see where sashing strips meet each other). But cornerstones are one more way to add color and movement to your quilt, and they certainly don't have to be created from simple squares.


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