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How to Make Sashing for Your Quilts

Use our easy instructions to make sashing for your quilt. If you aren't familiar with sashing, it's created by sewing plain or patchwork squares between quilt blocks. Sometimes 'cornerstones' are added -- little squares that meet at the corners of quilt blocks.

How to Sew Quilt Sashing with Cornerstones
It's easy to sew sashing and cornerstones to a straight-set quilt. We'll show you how to measure and sew.

Adding Sashing to Your Quilt
The Quilting Coach offers suggestions for some of the different types of sashing that can be sewn to your quilt.

Add Sashing Between Quilt Blocks
This tutorial, from Ludlow Quilt and Sew, shows you how to add continuous sashing between quilt blocks (without cornerstones).

Putting the Top Together
Scroll down a bit on this page, from Quilting with Children, to find instructions for quilt sashing.

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