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Quilt patterns, all written to show quilters of every skill level how to make a quilt, even if it's a very first quilting project. You'll find lots of easy quilt patterns designed especially for beginners, but be sure to try a project that seems a bit more difficult, because my patterns include the detailed instructions and illustrations that you need to be successful, starting with your very first quilt.

The patterns on this page represent just a sample of the hundreds of quilt patterns found on the at Quilting website. Try links in the first section below to find indexes and previews of quilt patterns grouped by type.

  1. Quilt Pattern Archives
  2. Christmas Quilt Patterns and Projects
  3. Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners
  4. Quick Quilting and Sewing Projects
  5. Quilt Patterns for Babies and Toddlers
  6. Rag Quilt Patterns
  7. Pinwheel Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns
  8. Table Runner Patterns
  9. Applique Quilt Patterns
  1. Sampler Quilt Patterns
  2. Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns
  3. Mystery Quilt Patterns
  4. Star Quilts
  5. Sailboat Patterns
  6. Large Quilt Block Patterns
  7. Designs from Nature
  8. Jars and Lantern Quilt Patterns

Quilt Pattern Archives

Barrister Quilt Pattern

Each of the links in this section takes you to an index of quilt patterns that are grouped by type. Many patterns include directions for multiple quilt and block sizes. This is the section to explore to find hundreds of quilt patterns.

Christmas Quilt Patterns and Projects

Christmas Row Quilt Pattern

The quilts in this category are all good choices for Christmas patterns. You can turn nearly any quilt into a Christmas quilt (or make it suit another holiday) by choosing themed fabrics, so do keep that in mind as you browse the hundreds of other patterns on the quilting site.

Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Arkansas Traveler Quilt Block

Your first quilt should be a project that you'll finish with ease -- something that will make you say "bring on the next pattern." These easy quilt patterns are a good choice for beginning quilters, but I write every pattern with detailed instructions, so be sure to browse the Web site for more -- you might be surprised how many quilts look difficult, but are actually quite easy to sew.

Quick Quilting and Sewing Projects

easy pillowcase pattern

These quick quilt projects are excellent choices when you need a gift, or anytime you want to get creative without devoting loads of time to actually finishing something.

Quilt Patterns for Babies and Toddlers

Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby quilt patterns are always popular destinations on the Quilting Web site. You'll find a wide variety of quilt sizes here, some are suitable for crib quilts and others are a bit larger so that toddlers and young children can grow into the quilts.

Rag Quilt Patterns

Rag Quilt Pattern

Here are some direct links to rag quilt patterns, including a ragged Cathedral Windows quilt, a Double Four Patch and more. Try the Indian Hatchet rag quilt pattern if you'd like to work with ragged triangles.

Pinwheel Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns

Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

I've had fun with with quilt block patterns lately, and until I started writing batches of instructions I didn't realize how many quilt block variations can be classified as pinwheels. All of these pretty pinwheels are easy to assemble.

Table Runner Patterns

Bow Tie Table Runner Pattern

A growing collection of table runner patterns. All of the table runners are easy to customize.


Applique Quilt Patterns

Miniature Chicken Quilt Pattern

Create these quilts using any applique technique that suits you, from traditional needleturn applique to quick methods that use fusible web. Hand applique or applique by machine... it's your choice.

Sampler Quilt Patterns

Sampler Quilt Pattern

You'll find three 'project' sampler quilts on the About.com Quilting site. The first two samplers were released one block at a time, with layouts revealed after all blocks were published (that's Nancy's Anniversary Sampler quilt in the illustration). For the most recent quilt, the Backwards Medallion Sampler, I published the layout first.

Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns

Paper piecing is the term you'll hear most when this method is mentioned, but a more accurate description is foundation piecing, since the templates used to sew projects are not always made from paper.

Mystery Quilt Patterns

Mystery Quilt Patterns

We've made mystery quilts on the last several New Years days, and I've written a few other mystery quilt patterns in-between those holidays. The patterns are all still online, of course, and written as mysteries (although you can indeed peek ahead to see the finished versions).

Star Quilts

Ornate Stars Quilt

I probably get more requests for star quilt patterns than for any other type of quilt. It's a good thing there are so many different kinds of star quilts -- I could write patterns for them daily for the next year and still not cover them all. These star quilt and star quilt block patterns will get you off to a good start.

Sailboat Patterns

Sailboats Quilt Block Pattern

Sailboat quilts, sometimes called Boats at Sea, do have design similarities, but their final appearances are varied. The quilts are popular for babies and toddlers, but every bit as suitable for an adult who likes water sports of any kind.

Large Quilt Block Patterns

Oddfellows Chain Quilt Block Pattern

Large quilt blocks can be used in many ways. Sew one at the center of a medallion quilt. Use a big quilt block to make a small wallhanging. Throw one over the back of a chair or on a small table. Sew large quilt blocks together to make a bed quilt.

Designs from Nature

Quilt Patterns

Some floral and leaf pattern quilt blocks are intricate, but the majority are easier to assemble than you might guess at first glance.

Jars and Lantern Quilt Patterns

Chinese Lantern Quilt Block Pattern

Jar quilt patterns (often called 'bug' jars) are popular with quilters. The patterns are easy to assemble, and you can create lots of variety by filling the jars with anything you like -- not just bugs. Lantern patterns are similar. They're traditionally known as Chinese Lanterns, and often created with oriental prints. Feel free to change lantern themes in any way you like.

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