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Easy Patriotic Quilt Patterns

Make a Patriotic Quilt


Patriotic quilts can be made by changing the theme of nearly any quilt to red, white and blue for the United States, or by substituting the colors of your nation. Star quilts are always a good choice for U.S. patriotic quilt designs, but others work equally well.

Try one of these patterns for your next patriotic quilt. If you need a larger quilting project, simply make additional quilt blocks, or sew wider or more borders.

Patriotic Album Quilt

Patriotic Album Quilt Pattern
Janet Wickell

Use this patriotic quilt as a wallhanging or add a couple of borders to stitch a quilt that's the perfect size for summer picnics (or watching fireworks displays).

Waving the Flag Quilt Pattern

patriotic quilt
© Janet Wickell
Waving the Flag measures about 66" square, a perfect size to take along on picnics or July 4th celebrations. And if you use flannel for the batting you can get by with minimal quilting stitches, since good old flannel stays intact in the wash.

Stretching to the Stars Quilt

star quilt
© Janet Wickell
This 40-1/2" square star quilt is assembled using a combination of half-square triangle units, squares and pieced sashing. It's an easy quilt, perfect for beginners.

A Joyous Celebration

star quilt pattern
© Janet Wickell
You're eyes aren't playing tricks on you -- this quilt is sewn with Christmas theme fabrics. But let your imagination kick in for a minute. The stars would work perfectly for a patriotic quilt, and the open spaces of the Snowball blocks offer a perfect opportunity to feature a pictorial image.

Which Way Do We Go?

© Janet Wickell
I designed this strippy set wallhanging for a bright, Alexander Henry border print fabric. The quilt has three wide border sections along its top, bottom and sides. Two narrower portions of the border print separate the vertical columns of Winged Square blocks, and Flying Geese move sideways in an upper and lower row. The "flight" of the geese and winged squares fit perfectly with a patriotic theme. Use a patriotic border print if you can find it, or go with a large-scale patriotic print.

Walk Around the Block - Miniature Quilt

miniature quilt
© Janet Wickell
Walk Around the Block is a miniature quilt with a pictorial print at its center. I can see this little quilt with a vintage-looking patriotic scene in the feature slot, surrounded by patriotic colors and prints.

Mother's Fantasy Windows - Miniature Quilt

miniature quilt pattern
© Donna Stidman
It's easy to turn Mother's Fantasy Windows into a patriotic quilt. Put flags and other patriotic items in the windows and sew the sills in patriotic colors. Do you have a family member who was or is a member of the armed forces? Use the windows to feature photos of his or her service memories that you've printed on cloth.

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