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Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginning Quilters

Quilt Patterns for Beginners, Perfect for a First Quilt


A collection of easy quilt patterns for beginning quilters. Like other quilt patterns on the Quilting site, they're written with detailed instructions and illustrations that take you through the construction process in a step-by-step manner. Get off to a quick start with any of these easy quilt patterns, or stitch several quilt blocks to use in a sampler quilt.

I've singled out this group of patterns because they truly are simple, but don't hesitate to look through the rest of my quilt block patterns and quilt patterns, because you'll find hundreds of projects that show you how easy it is to make a quilt.

Scrappy X's and O's Quilt Pattern

X's and O's Quilt
Janet Wickell

My versions of this easy X's and O's quilt pattern are scrappy, but yours can be much more controlled. Three quilt sizes are included, along with all the information you need to alter block and quilt size. This easy quilt will go together in no time at all. 

Easy Double Framed Four Patch Quilt

Easy Quilt Pattern
The image here is one of the many color and value options for the Easy Double Framed Four Patch quilt (you'll see a very different quilt layout on page 1 of the pattern). The blocks are truly simple, making the quilt go together quickly. Beginning quilters will stitch this quilt with ease.

X's and O's Quilt in Two Sizes

X's and O's Baby Quilt
Janet Wickell

This version of the X's and O's quilt allows the individual letters to shine by sewing blocks into two configurations and adding sashing in between. Letters are scrappy overall, but each quilt block is made from the same two fabrics, a focal (for the letter) and a background.

Double Four Patch Scrap Quilt

Double Four Patch Scrap Quilt Pattern
© Janet Wickell

The easy quilt blocks in this pattern finish at 8" square. You can sew the quilt using a theme, or go very scrappy, like the example shown here. Double Four Patch is suitable for all quilters, even if it's a very first quilt.

Take a look at another version of the Double Four Patch quilt.

Bricks & Cobblestones Quilt Pattern

Easy Quilt Patterns
© Colene
Here's a lively quilt block pattern from Forum Hostess Colene, aka Robicole2. Scrap quilt fans always like Colene's Penny Pincher swaps, because they're designed to help use up those small pieces of fabric in your stash. You'll make these easy quilt blocks from tone-on-tones and brightly colored fabrics printed with geometrics, stripes, dots, and other small motifs. One block is square, the other is rectangular -- make them both and assemble a quilt in a mix-and-match manner.

Make a Puff Quilt (aka 'Biscuit' Quilt)

Easy Puff Quilt Pattern
© Mary Jane Cardwell
Mary Jane, one of our Quilting Forum members, took the time to write a pattern for us, all about the method she uses to create puff quilts. Sometimes called 'biscuit' quilts, Mary Jane has made lots of them over the years, and developed a construction method that will help you put the components together quickly and easily.

Log Cabin Blocks and Quilts

Easy Log Cabin Quilt Blocks
© Janet Wickell

This template-free easy log cabin is made from 2" strips of fabric. Cut the strips from your stash or use the coordinating fabrics found in pre cut jelly rolls. Log cabin quilts are perfect for all sorts of layouts, from scrappy to themed. These guys are so simple to put together that you'll finish a quilt top very quickly.

Also see: Wonky Log Cabin quilt blocks, a freehand style of sewing that couldn't be easier.

Quick and Easy Rag Quilt

Easy Quilt Patterns
Rag quilts are soft and cuddly, so they are excellent lap quilts for a chilly day. A soft rag quilt makes an nice gift for both children and adults, but be sure to make a few for yourself, too. Rag quilts go together quickly and without the stress of sewing absolutely perfect seams, a real plus if you're a beginning quilter. You can complete this easy rag quilt pattern in just a day or two, even if you've never made a quilt before.

Easy Framed Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

Easy Framed Nine Patch Quilt Pattern
Janet Wickell

This easy quilt is made from nine patch blocks that are surrounded by frames -- dark bars on opposite sides and light bars on the two remaining sides. Adjoining blocks are flip-flopped when sewn into horizontal rows, and the change of orientation creates a somewhat stair-step appearance. Make the change pop by using contrasting fabrics, or let it blend a bit with fabrics of similar color value. I've included instructions for two sizes, a bed quilt made with 10" square quilt blocks and a baby quilt made with 5" square blocks.

A Few Related Quilt Patterns

Be sure to look at these easy patterns.

Double-Framed Four Patch Quilt (a contemporary four-patch)
Floating Nine Patch Quilt (looks complex, but is a simple quilt)

Rail Fence Baby Quilt Pattern

Sew a Rail Fence Baby Quilt
Janet Wickell

Sew this easy Rail Fence baby quilt in just a few colors as shown, or add a variety of fabrics. Either way, this strip pieced quilt goes together quickly. I like to use a narrow inner border to frame some quilts, but borders are easy to customize -- sew the quilt to suit your needs.

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