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A Walk Through the Maze Quilt Pattern


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About the Maze Quilt Pattern
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A Walk Through the Maze Quilt

Janet Wickell


A Walk Through the Maze is a quilt pattern assembled by alternating two traditional patchwork quilt blocks, the Christmas Star and the Single Chain and Knot. Both quilt blocks can be strip and quick pieced, a time-saver since each five-patch block has would otherwise be made from loads of individual units. The quilt as shown uses only four fabrics, but you can add more variety if you wish. Or, you can stick to four and simply change each color. You'll find a blank quilt schematic on page 6 that can be used to pencil-in colors or shades of gray.

Quilt Block Size: 10" x 10" finished

Quilt Size: 78-1/2" x 98-1/2" (with borders)


Quilting Fabrics & Other Materials

Light background: 3-3/4 yards

Deep gold: 1-3/4 yards

Dark green: 2-1/2 yards

Dark purple: 2-5/8 yards

Backing: good candidate for a piece of wide backing fabric, or 9 yards (with plenty of leftovers) (Quilt Backing Instructions)

Batting: about 90" x 100"

Binding: about 380 running inches of doublefold binding (bias or crosswise strips) (Binding Strip Instructions)

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