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Summertime Baskets Quilt Block Pattern


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Make the Summertime Basket Quilt Block
Basket Quilt Patterns

Assemble the Summertime Baskets Quilt Block

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Make Half-Square Triangle Units for the Basket Quilt Blocks

  1. Gather the smaller red squares and the green squares. Using my easy sandwich method, combine each green square with a red square to make half-square triangle units.

    For one 20-inch quilt block, use five of the six resulting units (each should measure 4-1/2" square) and save one for another project, trimming it to a smaller size if necessary.

    You'll use all ten completed triangle squares if you're making two 10-inch quilt blocks; each unit should measure 2-1/2" square.

  2. Repeat to combine smaller background squares with your bright print squares to make the outer "blossoms" for the basket block. Make six half-square triangle units for each block.

  3. Repeat again to combine the large red square with the large brown square. Save the extra unit if you're making the 20" basket block; you'll use both units for the pair of 10" basket blocks.

    20" block: completed units will measure 8-1/2" square

    10" blocks: completed units will measure 4-1/2" square

Side Bar Units

  1. Referring to the illustration, sew a triangle cut from smaller brown squares to the end of each long background bar. Notice that units are mirror images of each other.

  2. Press the seam allowance towards the bar unless your background material is sheer enough for it to show through.

Assemble the Basket Quilt Block

  1. Refer to the illustration. Assemble the block by sewing units together as shown, moving from left to right in the top row, and then from left to right again in the bottom row.

  2. When possible, press seam allowances in adjacent rows in opposite directions.

  3. Fold the final neutral triangle in half to find its midpoint before matching and sewing it to the lower right corner of the basket block.

  4. Repeat to make a second block if you're working with the 10" size.
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