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Learn How to Make a String Quilt


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Cut String Quilt Blocks Apart to Create New Designs
String Quilting Patterns

String block cut into quarters and then reassembled into a square block with a different configuration.

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Cut String Pieced Blocks Apart to Create New Designs

To make the string pieced design shown on this page, I cut the original string pieced block into four equal squares, rearranged the squares and sewed them together. Choose another orientation for the blocks for a completely different look.

If you use this technique, be sure to allow for extra seam allowances in the smaller squares. Your trimmed parent square should be 1" taller and wider than the finished size of the reassembled block. For instance, to make the block in the photo finish at 8" square, string piece on 9-1/2" muslin squares, then trim back to 9". Cut four 4-1/2" squares from the parent.

I created this block from one string pieced square, so the fabrics are repeated in the smaller blocks. For a very scrappy string quilt, make lots of different blocks, cut them apart and sew them the small units together, scattering blocks with like-fabrics across the surface of the quilt.


Batting and Backing

String quilts are often made without any batting at all. If you choose to sandwich batting between your quilt top and backing, choose a low loft (thin) version. You'll find it's difficult to hand quilt through all the layers of a string pieced quilt, so plan to machine quilt or tie your finished project.


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