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Split Nine Patch Quilt Pattern


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Trim the Split Nine Patch Blocks on the Diagonal
Split Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

Use rotary cutting tools to trim the split nine patch block halves.

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Make Remaining Quilt Blocks

Now that you understand the technique, go ahead and create six more fabric combinations and make four light halves and four dark halves from each.

Trim Block Halves on the Diagonal

  1. Grab a rotary ruler with a 45-degree line marked on it. Using the illustration above as a guide, align the 45-degree line with a straight edge of a light block half.

  2. Adjust the ruler so that the first 1/4" rule travels through the intersection where seams come together on the front of the block's long, diagonal edge. Your goal is to cut the block on the diagonal, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance past each seam intersection. Making sure the 45-degree line on your ruler is aligned with one of the block's short, straight edges helps ensure the block half will be "squared up" after the cut.

  3. Choose a dark block half you feel works well with the light half you just trimmed. Trim it in the same way.

  4. Sew the two block halves together along the diagonal, matching seams allowances carefully. Open the block to make sure seam intersections came together nicely. If they do not, examine your cut to determine why.

    • Points chopped off: your seam allowance was cut too narrow or you sewed a seam wider than 1/4".

    • Space between points: seam allowance was cut too wide or you sewed a seam narrower than 1/4".

  5. Trim and sew two more halves. Once you are happy with your cutting and sewing, go ahead and trim all of the block halves.

Trimming Alternative

Make a trimming guide if you aren't comfortable using ruler lines. Cut a 6-7/8" square of paper for the wallhanging or a 3-7/8" square for the mini. Cut the square in half once diagonally and tape it to the back of a rotary ruler, placing the long edge flush with the ruler's long cutting edge. Use it as a guide to trim your block halves.

Half square rulers are also available commercially.

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