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Snail's Trail Quilt Pattern


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Introduction to the Snail's Trail Quilt Pattern
Snail's Trail Quilt Pattern

Neutral Trails - Snails Trail Quilt

© Janet Wickell
I like the neutral theme of this Snail's Trail quilt, but the pattern will look good sewn with any fabrics you choose.

One of the Snail's Trail quilt's components is measured in sixteenths of an inch -- not a size that can be rotary cut with precision. Patches are not difficult to estimate, but I've provided an optional cutting guide that can be taped onto your rotary ruler if you wish to go that route.

Snail's Trail quilt blocks can also be foundation pieced. That's not a bad option for mini blocks, but I don't think it's worth the trouble for these 9-inch versions.

Snail's Trail Quilt: 70" x 77"


Light Neutral & Darker Neutral for Quilt Blocks

  • 2 yards of each fabric

Straight-Set Borders

Dark Inner Border: 5/8 yard

Medium Outer Border: 1-1/4 yard
Outer border illustrated is the same dark neutral used in quilt blocks.

Other Materials

Backing: 4-1/2 yards

Batting: About 80" x 87"

Binding: About 315 running inches doublefold binding

See: How to Make Binding Strips

Make a sample block before you cut all the patches for the quilt.

42" strips refers to strips cut across the fabric's crosswise grain. Do not trim longer strips.

Cut from each of your two contrasting fabrics:

  • Three 1-5/8" x 42" strips
  • One 1-5/8" x 16" strip
  • Three 2-1/2" x 42" strips; cut forty-two 2-1/2" squares from strips
  • Three 3-1/8" x 42" strips; cut forty-two 3-1/8" squares from strips
  • Four 4-1/16" x 42" strips; cut forty-two 4-1/16" squares from strips (estimate size or use optional cutting guide)
  • Six 5-3/8" x 42" strips; cut forty-two 5-3/8" squares from strips (you might need an additional cut if fabric isn't slightly wider than 42" to allow for squaring-up its end)

You will need to cut a few squares from remaining fabric to reach a total of 42 for each size and color.

Cut each square in half once diagonally.

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