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Miniature Medallion Quilt Pattern


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Assemble the Mini Medallion Quilt Top
Miniature Quilt Patterns

Arrange the Quilt Components

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Arrange the Quilt Components

  1. Gather all pieces for the quilt except borders. Arrange in groups as shown in the illustration above.

  2. Sew units within each group together in rows. Press seams in adjoining rows in opposite directions then sew rows together.

  3. Sew the vertical columns to the left and right sides of the center medallion.

  4. Sew the top and bottom horizontal sections to the quilt. Press.

Sew Quilt Borders

Refer to Sewing Straight Borders to cut and sew borders to the quilt.

Border Widths:

  • Inner Medium: cut 1-1/2" wide strips
  • Center Dark: cut 1-1/4" wide strips
  • Outer Medium: cut 2-1/2" wide strips

Finishing the Quilt

Sandwich the top with batting and backing and quilt. Bind the quilt and add a hanging sleeve if desired.

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