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Sailboats Quilt Pattern


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Introduction to the Sailboat Quilt Pattern
Sailboats Quilt Pattern

Sailboats Quilt Pattern

Janet Wickell

Sailboats Quilt Pattern

This Sailboat quilt pattern is assembled with thirty-five 12-inch patchwork quilt blocks sewn into horizontal rows and separated by sashing and cornerstones. Two different sailboat quilt blocks are used, and they alternate with each other side-by-side and row-to-row.

The quilt shown finishes at about 72" x 100". Add or subtract blocks (12" finished) and sashing (2" finished) to alter its size. Each column or row that you add or subtract (block and sashing) alters the quilt's dimensions by 14".

In the quilt illustrated, one block's background is created from a single blue fabric; the same fabric is repeated underneath the boat in the alternate block. A lighter blue is used for the sky in the alternates, and that fabric is repeated in cornerstones.

Boat fabrics are sewn in warm colors, and they contrast with the cool blues of the sea and sky. Sails are cut from lighter fabrics. Vertical sashing is a deep, midnight blue and horizontal sashing strips are cut from a very pale blue cloth.

Sailboat Quilt Pattern Fabrics

Light blue for sky in yellow-boat blocks, cornerstones: 1 1/4 yards

Darker blue for entire background in brown-boat blocks and sea in yellow-boat blocks: 1-3/4 yards

Palest blue for horizontal sashing: 7/8 yard

Deepest blue for vertical sashing: 7/8 yard

Yellow for boats: 1/2 yard

Brown/red for boats: 1/2 yard

Light for yellow-boat sails: 3/8 yard

Light for brown-boat sails: 3/8 yard

Blue for binding: about 370 running inches of doublefold binding that finishes at 1/4" (Quilt Binding Strip Instructions)

Backing: 6-3/8 yards if using standard quilting fabric (Quilt Backing Instructions)

Batting: About 84" x 112"

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