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Rocky Glen Patchwork Quilt Pattern


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Meet the Rocky Glen Quilt Pattern
Rocky Glen Quilt Pattern

Rocky Glen Quilt

Janet Wickell

Rocky Glen Quilt

Rocky Glenn is sewn with a single component, half-square triangle units (also called triangle squares) in two sizes. The quilt and its blocks are easy to assemble, because we'll use quick pieced triangle squares instead of handling individual triangles.

Block Size: 12" square; each block is made up of four identical patchwork units (see page 2)

Quilt Size: 60" square

My favorite triangle square assembly technique is the half square triangle unit sandwich method, where two squares are placed right sides together and seams are sewn 1/4" from each side of the diagonal center. I use that method for scrappy squares and for quilts that are more orderly, so that I can chain piece and because it makes it easy to create oversize triangle squares that can be trimmed back to a perfect size.

If you prefer, use another method to create your triangle squares -- there are many, including commercially made products. Your units should finish at 1-1/2" square and 4-1/2" square (in other words, measure 2" x 2" and 5" x 5" before being sewn to neighbors).

Fabrics & Other Materials

Alter cutting instructions if you do not use the sandwich method for assembly.

Small scale black print: 1-5/8 yard

Small scale white print: 2-7/8 yard

Larger scale pink and rosy red print: 1-1/2 yard

Backing: 2 yards (backing instructions)

Batting: about 68" square

Binding: about 260 running inches (binding instructions)

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