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Easy Four Patch Rag Quilt Pattern


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Learn How to Make This Easy Rag Quilt
Easy Rag Quilt Pattern

Use my pattern to learn how to make an easy rag quilt.

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Rag quilt patterns are easy, and are excellent quilting projects for both beginning and experienced quilters. Soft and cuddly rag quilts make wonderful lap quilts for a chilly day, and are perfect gifts for both kids and adults.

This easy four patch rag quilt pattern is sewn with five fabrics of varying contrast. Plain squares alternate with four-patch blocks to create the layout. Change fabrics to suit your needs.

Rag quilts go together quickly, and you needn't stress about sewing absolutely perfect seams -- sew as accurately as possible, but small differences won't be noticed. It's easy to finish the four patch rag quilt in just a day or two, making it a handy choice for a last minute gift.

For a rag quilt made with triangles, try my Indian Hatchet quilt pattern.

If this is your first rag quilt, How to Make a Rag Quilt will help you understand the process.

Rag Quilt Batting Choices

Flannel is my favorite rag quilt batting, because it's soft and it frays nicely along seam edges. Unlike typical quilt batting, flannel remains intact when washed, so there's no need to add quilting stitches unless you'd like to dress up the blocks a bit.

Use flannels for all three layers of a rag quilt for an even softer finished project, but keep in mind that extra flannel adds a bit of weight.

Finished Rag Quilt: About 38-1/2" x 53-1/2"

Quilting Fabrics

Alter fabric colors and types to suit your needs.

Large squares: Floral print, 1-3/4 yards

Four-patch blocks: Four different prints, 3/4 yard each

Flannel: 2-3/4 yards

Rag Quilt Cutting Chart

Floral Squares
  • Cut (7) 8-1/2" x 44" strips, then cut (34) 8-1/2" squares from the strip**

Four-Patch Blocks

  • From each fabric, cut (4) 4-3/4" x 44" strips, then cut (36) 4-3/4" squares from each set**


  • Cut (4) 8-1/2" x 44" strips, then cut (17) 8-1/2" squares**
  • Cut (8) 4-3/4" x 44" strips, then cut (72) 4-3/4" squares**

**Additional fabric is needed if yardage isn't at least 43" wide after removing selvages. See How to Calculate Yardage for Quilts.

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