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Easy Mix-and-Match Quilt Patterns


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Quilts Sewn from a Single Quilt Block
Easy Mix-and-Match Quilt Patterns

Two Medallion Style Quilts with an On Point Basket Quilt Block

Janet Wickell

One-block quilts make nice wallhangings, but they can be used in other ways, too. Throw a quilt over the back of a sofa. Center the small quilt on a table or a bed. Put a light-blocking material behind the quilt and hang it in a window. Make a throw pillow cover. You'll discover all sorts of ways to use small quilts.

You don't actually need a quilt pattern to make this collection of easy quilts. Begin by choosing a theme, and then create a block of any size. Surround smaller blocks with multiple borders to increase quilt size if you like, or make a larger quilt with one of the big blocks in my quilt block patterns library.

The two quilts illustrated on this page are both examples of medallion quilts. Each is designed with a block that's arranged on point and surrounded by setting triangles.

The quilt on the left has two plain borders, a narrow accent border and a wider border to finish it off. The quilt on the right has has somewhat different borders.


To Make this Quilt:

  1. Choose and assemble a quilt block.


  2. Refer to my Setting Triangle Instructions to cut the four triangles that surround the quilt block -- use the instructions for corner triangles.
  3. Refer to straight border instructions to add borders to the quilt as desired, or sew a border with cornerstones (see page 2 for pieced border tips).


Try This: The four corner triangles are cut from two large squares. Instead of cutting triangles that are "just right," make your square (and resulting triangles) larger. The block will appear to "float" within the first border. If your block has a single background fabric, like the basket block on this page, cutting triangles from the same fabric will enhance the float.


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