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How to Make Prairie Points for Quilts


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Prairie Points with Open Folds at their Centers
Make Prairie Points

Make prairie points by folding half of square down, then folding ends on the diagonal.

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What Are Prairie Points?

Prairie points are folded triangles that you can use to decorate a quilt. They're most often sewn around the quilt's outer edges, but prairie points can be placed anywhere.

Traditionally made prairie points can be constructed in a couple of ways. Each type begins as a square of fabric, and for both methods, the length of the base of a prairie point's triangle is half of its finished height.

Use this formula to decide which square size will work best for the prairie points you plan to use in a quilt:

  • desired height at the finished point X 2
    cut squares 1/2" taller and wider than the calculated dimension

Prairie Points with Open Folds at Center

  1. Fold a square straight across along its midpoint, wrong sides together.
  2. Place the folded square in front of you, with its folded side up. Fold the folded edge down at each side to create a triangle with an open fold at its center.
  3. Press lightly to keep the folds in place.

This type of prairie point should be sewn to the quilt so that its decorative opening is visible when the triangle is flipped right side up.

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