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Missouri Puzzle Quilt Pattern


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Assemble the Missouri Puzzle Quilt Top
Missouri Puzzle Quilt Pattern

Missouri Puzzle Quilt Layout

© Janet Wickell

Cut Sashing & Cornerstones

If you are not using a border print, cut three 11-3/4" x 42" strips (selvage to selvage). Square up one end of each strip and cut a total of (40) 2-3/4" wide segments from the strips.

Cut two 2-3/4" x 42" strips from black fabric; cut a total of (25) 2-3/4" squares from the strips.

Cutting for Border Prints

Cut forty identical bars from your border print, each 11-3/4" long and leaving 1/4" for seam allowance on each side of the motif you want to be visible.

Cut (25) cornerstones. Cut squares that match the cut width of your stripes. For instance, if your stripes are cut at 3" wide, cut 3" x 3" cornerstones.

Assemble the Quilt Top

  1. Arrange the blocks into four rows, each with four blocks.
  2. Matching endpoints carefully, sew a sashing strip vertically between each block and to the ends of rows. Press seam allowances towards the sashing.
  3. Assemble four horizontal rows of sashing/cornerstones as shown, each with five cornerstones and four horizontally placed sashing bars. Press seam allowances towards the sashing.
  4. Sew all rows together. Press.

Add Borders

  1. Add straight borders to the quilt using 5-1/2" wide strips of brown-rose fabric.

    If you are a new quilter, don't be tempted to make borders that match the measurements along the sides of your quilt. Borders offer an excellent opportunity to correct inconsistencies, leaving you with a quilt that's in-square along its edges. So be sure to read the instructions if this is new to you.

  2. Mark for quilting if necessary. Sandwich the quilt with batting and backing. Quilt by hand or machine. Trim and square-up excess edges and sew binding strips around the quilt edges.
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