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Missouri Puzzle Quilt Pattern


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Make the Missouri Puzzle Quilt Blocks
Missouri Puzzle Quilt Pattern

Make Missouri Puzzle Quilt Blocks

© Janet Wickell
Cut strips and make units to create one test block. I can make mistakes, and so can you. Test all quilt patterns (mine and everyone else's) before cutting all fabric.

Make Nine-Patch Centers

Block Close-up
  1. Sew a 1-1/4" wide green strip lengthwise to each side of a 1-1/4" wide brown-rose strip. Press seam allowances towards the green strips.
  2. Square up one end of the strip set and cut as many 1-1/4" segments from it as possible (33 avg.). Make three more identical strip sets; cut a total of 128 segments.
  3. Sew a 1-1/4" green strip between two brown-rose strips. Press seam allowances towards the green strip. Square up one end and cut 1-1/4" segments from it. Make an identical strip set. Cut a total of (64) 1-1/4" segments.
  4. Sew the remaining strips together to make more strip sets identical to the step 3 sets; cut (64) 2-3/4" segments.
  5. Sew a step 3 segment between two step 2 segments. Repeat to make sixty-four small nine-patch units.
  6. Sew a step 4 segment between two small nine-patch units. Repeat.
  7. Sew a step 4 segment on opposite sides of a 2-3/4" green square. Sew the row between the rows created in step 6.
  8. Repeat to make sixteen large nine-patch blocks.

Make Star Tips

  1. Use the sandwich method to combine a 3-1/8" black square with a 3-1/8" brown-rose square to create two half-square triangle units. When complete, each unit should measure 2-3/4" square.
  2. Repeat to make 128 identical half-square triangle units.

Assemble the Missouri Puzzle Block

  1. Referring to the illustration, create three rows:

    Rows 1 and 3: three brown-rose squares, two half-square triangle units

    Row 2: center nine-patch unit flanked by vertical sections; each vertical section has two half-square triangle units and one brown-rose square.

  2. Sew rows together to create the block. Make a total of sixteen blocks. Each block should measure 11-3/4" square.
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