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Log Cabin Quilt Pattern with Easy Applique Blocks


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Make Courthouse Steps Quilt Blocks
courthouse steps quilt block pattern

Make the Courthouse Steps Quilt Blocks

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Courthouse Steps Quilt Blocks

If this is your first foundation pieced quilt, read foundation piecing basics before you begin. Reading the paper pieced log cabin quilt block pattern will also help familiarize you with the technique.

Make four foundation templates from the complete Courthouse Steps block that's in the PDF file.

Illustrations follow assembly instructions, starting in the top row from left to right, then continuing left to right in remaining rows.

  1. Position a dark center square right side up on the reverse (unprinted) side of a block template, centering it within the area for log 1. Pin to secure or use a dab of gluestick to keep it from shifting.
  2. Grab a medium fabric for log 2. Use a long strip or cut a segment about 1/2" longer than the length of the log. Place the strip right side down on top of the center square, aligning its left edge with the left edge of the square.
  3. Turn the foundation over and sew directly on the line that separates the center square from log 2, beginning and ending a few stitches on either side of the line.
  4. Flip log 2 right side up and make sure all of its unsewn edges extend past the printed lines that define that log (enough for a stable seam when lines become seams). If not, you'll need to rip the seam and reposition, but if all's well, trim any bulk from seam allowance and press.
  5. Select a medium fabric for log 3, aligning its right edge with the right side of the square. Sew, check placement, trim seam and press.
  6. Log 4 is added in the same way, but covers the bottom edge of the previous pieces. Log 5 is added to the top of previous pieces.
  7. Continue to add logs in order around the center square, lights next to lights and mediums next to mediums. Press the block and trim through all layers on the outermost foundation line.
  8. Make four Courthouse Square quilt blocks.


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