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Log Cabin Quilt Pattern with Easy Applique Blocks


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Make Applique Pitcher and Bowls Quilt Blocks
Applique Quilt Pattern

Pitchers and Bowls for the Tildy's Cabin Quilt Pattern

© Janet Wickell

Applique Pitchers and Bowls Pattern

  1. Choose an applique method for your quilt blocks, such as needleturn, fusible web, machine applique or another technique (Learn How to Applique).
  2. Using the pitcher and bowl templates, cut nine of each shape from scrappy fabrics. The template does not include a seam allowance. Add an allowance if your method calls for one.
  3. Center a pitcher and a bowl on a background square, arranging it on-point, and applique both to the square. When on-point, the images will be positioned a corner of the square above and below the pitcher and bowl.

    The scrappy strips shown in the photo are from adjacent Courthouse Steps quilt blocks, and are not part of the applique bloks.

  4. Square up each block to measure 7" x 7".
  5. Repeat to make a total of nine pitcher and bowl blocks.


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