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Log Cabin Quilt Pattern with Easy Applique Blocks


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About the Log Cabin and Applique Quilt
Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Pitchers for Tildy's Cabin

©Janet Wickell

Many years ago, my sister Donna made a king size applique quilt for me, a pitchers and bowl design inspired by my collection of vintage spongeware. I reduced the scale of the pitchers for this small quilt and combined them with Courthouse Steps quilt blocks, a variation of traditional Log Cabin quilt blocks.

The blocks are sewn together on point. Half Courthouse Steps blocks replace setting triangles around the quilt's edge and quarter blocks complete the corners.

Finished Quilt: about 28" square

Block Size: 6-1/2" finished

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Quilt Pattern Fabric & Materials

Pitcher Quilt Blocks

  • 1/2 yard creamy solid or tone on tone for backgrounds; I used my own hand marbled fabric for four of the background squares
  • Pitchers: nine scraps, at least 4" square each
  • Bowls: nine scraps, at least 3" x 6" each

Courthouse Steps Quilt Blocks

  • Light logs, 1 yard
  • Medium logs, 1 yard
  • Dark center logs, 1/8 yard
  • Foundation materials of your choice (see Foundation Piecing Basics)



Cutting for Pitcher Quilt Blocks

Background squares: cut nine 8" x 8" squares

Pitchers: cut nine pieces using Template A-1 (cut a reverse of the image if you want some pitchers to face in opposite directions)

Bowls: cut nine using Template A-2

Courthouse Steps Block Cutting Chart

Centers for whole blocks: cut four 2" x 2" squares

Center triangles for half blocks: cut two 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" squares 

For Logs: Light and medium strips, about 1-1/4" wide, lengths cut as you go (cut a few to start and adjust width if necessary) Paper or other printable material for foundations

Download the PDF file for applique and foundation templates

When you print, be sure to choose "none" for page scaling.
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