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A Joyous Celebration Star Quilt Pattern


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Make the Star Quilt Blocks for the Little Quilt
Make a Patchwork Stars Quilt

Assembling the Star Blocks

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Make the Half Square Triangle Units

  1. Make a total of 104 half square triangle units by combining the dark star tips fabric with the star background fabric. Use any method you are comfortable with to create triangle squares with an unfinished size of 1-1/2". Two construction possibilities:

Use any technique you wish, as long as half-square triangle units measure 1-1/2" square before sewing them to their neighbors (they finish at 1" x 1"). Press the seam allowances in half of the units toward the dark fabric and half toward the light fabric. Keep the two group separate.

Sew the Patchwork Star Quilt Blocks

  1. Match a half square triangle with the seam pressed toward the dark fabric with one in which the seam is pressed toward the light half. Sew together to create Diagram A above. Oppositing seams should butt into each other to help you achieve a perfect match. Press the new seam allowance to one side. Repeat with all remaining half square triangle units to make 52 rectangular units.

  2. Position four rectangular units, four square block corners, and one star center into three rows as shown in Diagram B above. Sew the components of each row together. Press seams away from the rectangular units.

  3. Sew the rows together, taking care to match edges and seam intersections. Press the star block. The finished star block should look like Diagram C.

  4. Repeat to make a total of 13 star quilt blocks.

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