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Introduction to the Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt Pattern
Easy Quilt Patters: Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt

Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt

Janet Wickell
Use my jigsaw puzzle quilt pattern to sew a colorful scrap quilt. Jigsaw puzzle pieces emerge when adjacent parts of traditional 'H' quilt blocks are rotated -- the little squares along the design's midpoint become the tabs that "lock" each piece in place.

The cutting instructions on page 2 of the jigsaw puzzle pattern are for a baby quilt sewn with 6-inch square blocks, but you'll find cutting info for larger quilts with either 9-inch or 12-inch blocks on page 5.

The jigsaw puzzle quilt is most effective as a scrap quilt, but it's fine to use each fabric more than once, or to devise a color scheme. Patches required for individual blocks are small, making the jigsaw quilt a perfect stash-busting pattern.

I think this design looks good with a few black, or 'empty, puzzle pieces. Squares that end up on the outer perimeter of the quilt are sewn in black to help them drop out of the design -- use other colors if you wish.

The quilt finishes at about 30" x 42". Add or subtract blocks and/or rows to change its size. See page 2 for cutting and layout instructions.

You'll need a strip that measures at least 2-1/2" x 22" for each fabric you plan to use in the quilt. Choose light fabrics, darks, mediums, warms and cools, and be sure to add some black blocks.

Binding: about 170 running inches of doublefold binding that finishes at 1/4" (Quilt Binding Strip Instructions)

Backing: 1-1/4 yards if using standard quilting fabric (Quilt Backing Instructions)

Batting: About 40" x 52"

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