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Illinois Road Quilt Pattern


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Introduction to the Illinois Road Quilt Pattern
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Illinois Road Quilt Pattern

Janet Wickell
Make Illinois Road, a quilt pattern designed with two patchwork quilt blocks: Illinois Road, which has five spinning pinwheel-like units, and a variation of Calico Puzzle, a block with half square triangle units in its corners.

Use the quilt as-is for a large wallhanging, a throw or a picnic blanket. You can easily make a rectangular bed quilt by sewing additional blocks to widen and lengthen the quilt.

Block and Quilt Size

Illinois Road quilt blocks and the variation of the Calico Puzzle quilt blocks finish at 12-inches square

Finished quilt size, with border: 72" x 72"

Quilting Fabrics & Other Materials

The quilt shown is a scrap quilt, and it's difficult to estimate fabrics for that type of layout, so the following yardages assume you will construct your quilt in a somewhat orderly fashion. Read through the pattern before you choose fabrics if you prefer to make a scrap quilt.

Instructions assume you will use the easy sandwich method to make half square triangle units (HSTs) for the Calico Puzzle quilt blocks. Alter cutting instructions if you plan to use another method, such as sewing on a long strip or grid. HSTs should finish at 4" x 4" (in other words, measure 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" before sewing them to their neighbors).

For Illinois Roads Quilt Block

Assorted bright fabric(s) for pinwheel-like units: 2-1/4 yards

Light tone on tone fabric for pinwheel-like background: 2-1/4 yards

Light neutral, small floral or other print for squares: 1 yard

For Calico Puzzle Variation Quilt Block

Dark print for HSTs: 1/2 yard

Medium print for HSTs and center square: 3/4 yard

Medium-light print for remaining squares (darker than adjacent squares in Illinois Road blocks): 7/8 yard

Other Materials

Border: 1-3/8 yards for crosswise grain strips pieced to achieve length; 2-1/8 yards for one-piece strips cut on the lengthwise grain (you will have leftover fabric)

Backing: 4-/12 yards or a single piece of wide backing fabric that measures about 80" x 80". (Quilt Backing Instructions)

Low loft batting: approximately 80" x 80"

Binding: About 315 running inches of doublefold binding to finish at 1/4" wide or another width of your choice (Binding Strip Instructions)

Always begin any quilt pattern (mine and others) by cutting just enough fabric for sample blocks. We all make errors -- I make them, other authors make them, and quilters do, too.

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