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Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block & Quilt Pattern


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Make a Patchwork Hearts Quilt
Heart Quilt Pattern

One potential layout for the heart quilt blocks.

© Janet Wickell
This patchwork heart quilt pattern explains how to make a quilt that finishes at about 44" x 44". Make additional blocks to create a larger quilt.

Yardages are a difficult call for scrap quilts. Use my suggestions as a guide, but pay more attention to the number of patches required if you're drawing from a fabric stash.

Make a test block before you cut all of your fabrics. Be sure to read pages 1 and 2 before you begin.

Red Fabrics and Pink Fabrics

1 yard if making hearts from a single fabric; or 5/8 yard of pinks and 5/8 yard of reds if using a scrappy assortment.

  • Cut fifty 3-1/2" x 6-1/2" rectangles; cut in pairs of two -- fabrics you intend to use together in one block

Cream Background

  • 7/8 yards:

  • Cut five 2" wide strips across the selvage, then cut one-hundred 2" x 2" squares from strips

  • Cut five 3-1/2" strips across selvage, then cut fifty 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" squares from strips


  • 1/3 yard; cut six 1-1/2" wide strips across selvage, then cut forty 1-1/2" x 6-1/2" bars from the strips

Sashing Cornerstones

  • one 1-1/2" strip cut across selvage; cut sixteen 1-1/2" squares from the strip


  • Inner: 1/4 yard

  • Outer: 5/8 yard

Additional Materials

  • Binding: 1/2 yard

  • Backing: Enough to create an (approx) 50" square

Assemble the Patchwork Hearts Quilt

  1. Use the instructions on page 2 to make twenty-five patchwork heart quilt blocks.

  2. If your quilt is scrappy, arrange the blocks on a design wall, placing them in five rows, each containing five blocks. Move blocks around until you are pleased with the look.

  3. Sew the rows together, separating the blocks in each row with 1-1/2" x 6-1/2" vertical sashing strips. Press seam allowances towards the strips. Make all five rows.

  4. Sew the horizontal sashing strips and cornerstones together into four rows. Begin each row with a 1-1/2" x 6-1/2" strip and sew a 1-1/2" square to its right end. Repeat, alternating four more long strips and three more squares, ending with a long strip (refer to the drawing). Press seam allowances towards the strips.

Add Borders to the Heart Quilt

Refer to my butted border instructions to add a narrow border using 1-1/2" wide strips. Repeat to add 4-1/2" wide strips to add a second border around the first.

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