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Sunbonnet Sue & Overalls Sam Quilt Pattern


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Sunbonnet Sue & Overalls Sam Share their Hearts
Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Pattern

Sunbonnet Sue and Overalls Sam Quilt

Janet Wickell, designed in EQ v6
Here's My Heart is a 64" x 84" quilt pattern made with 18 chain-type patchwork blocks and 17 Snowball blocks that feature appliquéd Sunbonnet Sue and Overalls Sam.

Blocks finish at 10" x 10".

Use any appliqué technique to affix the kids to the Snowballs, including the quick-fuse method.

Yardages & Cutting

References to 42" strips refer to strips cut all the way across the fabric's straight grain. If they are longer, you might need fewer strips. If the strips are shorter, you will need additional strips for some cuts. Yardages are generous, but it's nearly always a good idea to buy just a bit more to cover shrinkage and potential cutting errors.

Patchwork Chain Quilt Blocks

See a close-up of the block on page 4.

Neutral print with stars and swirls for block center and squares in four-patch units

  • 1 yard
  • Cut three 5-1/2" x 42" strips; cut eighteen 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" squares from the strips
  • Cut six 1-3/4" x 42" strips

Neutral print with stripes for light, outer bars

  • 5/8 yard
  • Cut eight 1-3/4" x 42" strips

Medium pink/mauve print for squares in four-patch units

  • 1/3 yard
  • Cut six 1-3/4" x 42" strips

Dark chocolate print for dark bars (and for Snowball tips in appliqué blocks)

  • 1-1/8 yard
  • Cut eight 1-3/4" x 42" strips
  • Cut five 3" x 42" strips; cut sixty-eight 3" x 3" squares from strips

Appliqué Blocks

Backgrounds are cut oversize, and squared up after appliqué is in place.

  • 1-1/2 yard
  • Cut five 13" x 42" strips; cut fifteen 13" x 13" squares from strips
  • Cut one 13" x 27" strip; cut two 13" x 13" squares from strip

Same & Sue Figures

  • Sue dresses, hat bands: 1/4 yard
  • Sam overalls: 1/4 yard
  • Sue hats: 1/8 yard
  • Sam hats: 1/8 yard
  • Hearts: 17 scraps
  • Shoes, hands: scraps

Corner squares were cut with patchwork fabric.

Other Materials

  • Inner border: 1/2 yard
  • Outer border: 1-3/8 yards
  • Backing and batting: approx. 74" x 94" rectangle for each
  • Binding: approx. 320 running inches (instructions)
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