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Miniature Spools Quilt Pattern


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Spools Quilt Pattern
Spools Quilt Pattern

Spool Block Shown with 1930's Era Reproduction Layout

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Spools Quilt Pattern

This Spools quilt was designed with fabrics reminiscent of textiles available to quilters in the 1930's. The Spools quilt shown above is made with sixteen 6-inch traditional Spool blocks that are flip-flopped from side to side in their horizontal rows to help create movement across the quilt. Need a larger quilt? Simply create more Spools.

Spools quilts make perfect scrap quilts -- yardages for the prints used in blocks reflect that type of layout.

Finished Block Size: 6" Square

Finished Quilt Size: 36-1/2" Square

See Page 3 for a Miniature Spools Quilt Pattern

Materials & Cutting - 36-1/2" Square Quilt

Spool blocks can be assembled in more than one way, but we'll use a combination of squares and half-square triangle units to put them together. References to 42" strips refer to strips cut across the fabric's crosswise grain, from selvage to selvage. Do not trim-back longer strips.

Assortment of sixteen thirties prints for quilt blocks, each scrap measuring about 6" x 8". From each scrap, cut:

  • Cut two 2-7/8" squares
  • Cut three 2-1/2" squares

Neutral background, cream or white, 1/2 yard

  • Cut two 2-7/8" x 42" strips and one 2-7/8" x 6-1/2" strip; cut thirty-two 2-7/8" squares from strips.

  • Cut two 2-1/2" x 42" strips; cut thirty-two 2-1/2" squares from strips.

Dark inner border, 1/4 yard.

Medium print for wider border, 3/4 yard for crosswise strips that are not pieced, or 1-1/8 yard for lengthwise grain strips

Dark binding, about 165 running inches for applied binding (binding strip instructions).

Backing, 1-1/4 yard

Batting, about 42" square

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