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Make a Fabric Postcard from a Printed Photo
Make Easy Fabric Postcards

Fabric Postcard Made from a Single Photo

© Janet Wickell

Fabric Postcards from Printed Photos

This fabric postcard was super easy because it was made from a single, printed photograph. I took the photo at our town's annual Christmas celebration, where all of our downtown businesses are decorated for the holidays, luminaries light the streets, and carriages are on hand to take people from place to place.

I used Photoshop to manipulate the picture a bit, and then added the text in white. Next I saved the photo at 300 dots per inch, sizing it to fill an area slightly over 4" x 6".

I pressed paper-backed fusible web to the back of a piece of fabric and fed the fabric through a color laser printer. When it came out I sprayed the print lightly with Krylon Fixatiff and allowed it to dry. I eventually added two more light coats of Fixatiff.

I prefer to use an inkjet printer for pictures that will be sewn into quilts, because the Fixatiff stiffens fabric quite a bit -- but that characteristic is perfect for postcards. Use either type of printer that's available.

I sandwiched fast2fuse between the fabric postcard's front and back and pressed as directed by the manufacturer. To finish up, I trimmed the fabric postcard to 4" x 6" and then added a fused binding.

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