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About Quilted Fabric Postcards
Easy Fabric Postcards

An assortment of items that can be used to make fabric postcards.

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Fabric Postcards

It's fun and easy to make fabric postcards that you can stick a stamp on and mail to family and friends. The most difficult aspect of making s fabric postcard might be deciding which techniques to use.

Let's get a few basic fabric postcard guidelines out of the way before we talk about designs.

The minimum card and letter size for US Postal Service mailings is 3-1/2" x 5". Most fabric postcards made by quilters measure 4" x 6" and can be mailed using one self-adhesive first class stamp.

Keep fabric postcards 1/8" or less thick to stay within weight limits; cards over 1/4" thick will weigh more and also require an extra fee for their depth.

Make cards that are larger and heavier if you like, but expect to pay more for postage.

Fabric Postcard Supplies

Fabric postcards have a top layer, a filling and a back, just like a quilt:

Fabric Postcard Fillers

One filler choice is fast2fuse, a stiff material with fusible web on both sides. Use the regular weight of fast2fuse for postcards; the heavy version is thicker and will increase postage costs.

Timtex is another rigid product that works as a filler. It does not include fusible web -- you'll need to add it to the reverse sides of card fronts and backs.

You can use flannel or a thin batting as a filler, but the postcards will be softer. The fusible web on the backs of your other components will stiffen up the cards a bit, but perhaps not quite enough to allow easy flow through the postal system.

Fabric Postcard Designs

Try ribbons and buttons, laces and trims or pictures printed on fabric. Explore scrapbooking supplies for design elements, like the green and ivory leaves in the photo above. Angelina fibers are another decorative option.

Other fabric postcard supplies depend on the types of cards you make, but include paper backed fusible web, decorative machine threads and polyester filament thread.

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