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Easy Eye Pillow Pattern


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About the Eye Pillow Pattern
Easy Eye Pillow Pattern

Make an Easy Eye Pillow

Janet Wickell

Make a Fragrant Eye Pillow

Customize this easy eye pillow pattern to suit your needs. Make one or more to use any time you'd like to lean back and shield your eyes from the light.

The eye pillow can be made from plain, unquilted fabric, or the front of the pillow can be quilted lightly to add more texture.

Before you begin, download the Eye Pillow Template. Notice that the seam allowance is 1/2".

Cut out the template and pin it to your fabric. Cut two pillow pieces (three if you plan to quilt the front).

Quilted Eye Pillows

The finished pillow should be lightweight so that it will drape gently over the eyes; avoid heavy quilting on the pillow front and leave the pillow back unquilted.

  • When quilting the pillow front, simply stack two fabrics to keep the layer thin. Do not place quilting stitches in the seam allowance (cut the back fabric slightly smaller than the piece with a seam allowance; center it on the pillow front before quilting).
  • Quilting cottons are woven tightly enough to keep the pillow's contents from migrating through the fabrics.

Other Materials

Pillows can be filled with flax or rice, and either is a good choices when you'd like to make a pillow that can be microwaved for a few seconds to add warmth.

I added aromatic lavender flowers to my pillow. They're soft, and won't protrude through the fabric to poke the eyes (avoid microwaving pillows that contain dried flowers).

A funnel will help you insert the filling into your pillow. If you don't have a funnel, make one by rolling a piece of paper into a cylinder; you might also place ingredients into a plastic sandwich bag -- cut across one corner to create a small opening for ingredients to flow through.

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