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Quick and Easy Pillowcase Pattern


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Pillowcase Pattern with French Seams
Easy Pillowcase Pattern

Easy Pillowcase Pattern

© Janet Wickell

Quick and Easy Pillowcases

Use this easy pillowcase pattern to make custom pillowcases that coordinate with your quilts and other decor. Pillowcases make excellent gifts for kids, for use at home or during travel.

French seams are used to conceal raw edges along the side and bottom edges inside the pillowcase, and the cuff is sewn using a different technique that serves the same seam-hiding purpose.

The pillowcase has three parts: a body, an accent strip and a cuff. Choose a fabric for each.

As-is, this pillowcase pattern makes standard size cases, but simply alter dimensions to suit your needs. For instance, my finished accent strip is narrow -- you might prefer a wider accent. Lengthen or shorten fabric panels to make a larger or smaller pillowcase.

Fabrics for One Pillowcase

All fabrics are cut across the fabric's crosswise grain -- from selvage to selvage. Use fabrics that are 42" - 44" wide; slight differences in width aren't a problem, because you'll trim everything to match later.

Pillowcase body: 28" x full fabric width

Pillowcase cuff: 10" x full fabric width

Pillowcase accent: 1-1/2" x full fabric width


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